March 22, 2011

Week 5 Recap

Team 3 – 54
Team 1 - 42

Team 3 knew what was at stake Friday. Win or chances of making the playoffs would be gone. They used that as a motivation to get their first win of the season beating Team 1 54-42. Grant Gibson (20 points) and Kyle Krol (16 points) lead the way over a John Griffin-less Team 1. “I took a nap in the locker room and didn’t wake up till around 2pm. My bad”, said Griffin.

Team 1 had already locked up a playoff spot, so this game in all regards was a meaningless game. “Not to me damn it. I spent 3 seasons losing when I played with Elzy’s team. I’ve had my fill of losing. I never want to lose another game”, said Eric Flatt. Flatt did not hide his disgust as he stormed off the court with just over a minute left in the game. “People need to recognize who the best player on the floor is. I am the one that needs to get 27 shot attempts if we want to win”, said Flatt. He was referencing the 27 shot attempts that Jason Rost took in the loss.

Despite the win, Team 3 knew they did not control their fate. They needed Team 2 to lose to Team 4 in the 2nd game in order for to have a chance at post season play.

Team 2 – 49
Team 4 – 36

Team 2 has 7 active players on their roster yet amazingly they have used 16 different starting lineups. Dave Neff made a rare appearance for Team 2 on Tuesday, but still they were only able to field 5 players. Team 2 came out and looked very determined to secure a playoff spot. They knew that a win Tuesday would guarantee them a spot in the PFOL playoffs next week.

What was known to only a few players was that if Team 2 won by more than 6 points they would guarantee themselves no lower than a 2 seed due to tie breaker rules.

Team 2 came out firing behind the energy of Rob Laycock. "He has been the 150 pound lighter version Tyler Hansbrough of our team. He brings energy each an every play", said Sam Elmore.

Laycock continue to make a case for "Most Improved Player of the Year" award. He chipped in with 10 points, 4 rebounds and 3 assists.

"I have to give him credit. When I drafted him I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into with that pick. It turned out to be a great pick" said Edmound Elzy.

"He said that? It's amazing that he offered him up in a trade earlier this week", said Alan Mowrey.

Team 2 lead the entire game and indeed ending up winning by 7 points which means they hold the tie breaker over Team 1 and Team 4 if they should end up in a tie for #1 seed or #3 seed.

"I don't care about seeding. I don't care who we play. I know we can beat any team in this league at any time. And you can call Montagano and tell him that I will print that quote out myself and hand deliver it to their lock room for them to post".

"One thing I do care about is that this is the second week in a row, that Team 2 has used Laycock's bloody knee as an extra time out. I'm not saying that the extra 4 minute break we took was the reason we lost, but it definitely played to their advantage. They only had 5 players and they were for sure getting tired and then all of sudden Laycock calls an injury timeout to tend to his knee. The timing was perfect."

Playoff Scenario

With a 3 way tie for first place here is how the seeding will play out after week 6.

- If Team 4 wins and Team 2 loses, Team 4 will be the #1 seed.

- If Team 4 wins and Team 2 wins, Team 2 will be the #1 seed based on the 2nd tie breaker

- If Team 1 Wins and Team 2 loses, Team 1 will be the #1 seed.

- If Team 1 wins and Team 2 wins, Team 2 will be the #1 seed based on the 2nd tie breaker

March 18, 2011

Week 5 Pictures

Eric Flatt has been a monster in the paint all season long Cacy with with the jumper Flatt battling for a rebound Brokl swoops in for a brick Krol with the Ray Allen like jumper Grant Gibson drives the lane. Flatt has had enough, he walks off the court with 1 min to play Flatt denied interviews and photographs Laycock was feeling it Elmore had a team high 6 moving screens on the day Team 2's game plan

March 17, 2011

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - Week 4

Team 2 – 52
Team 1 – 45

Team 2 felt like they should have beaten Team 1 in their first match up of the season back in week 1. On Tuesday, they were determined to prove all of their critics wrong. Many experts said that a team led by Edmound Elzy couldn’t win. That Alex Montagano would demand too many shots. That Rob Laycock is really just a racquetball player pretending to be a basketball player. That Dave Neff refuses to play for fear of messing up his hair on a game day. Tuesday night, Team 2 put many of those stereotypes to rest once and for all. They proved that they are contenders for the championship this season by decisively beating arguably the best team in the league 52-45. A very balanced scoring attack in which all 6 of their players scored 6 points or more showed that they are not the one dimensional “sit around and watch Elzy go 1 on 5” team anymore. In past, the late 2nd half run that was led by John Griffin would have sent this into dismay. However, the were able to hold their composer and fend off Team 1 giving them their first loss of the season.

“Let’s be honest here, I’m only about 25% interested in this league right now. I really just play so I don’t have to sit back in the video room and listen to Hasen re-live how he missed a game wining jump shot in the PFOL 1 Finals back in the day”, said John Griffin. “We’ll see what happens when we get in the playoffs”.

Rob Laycock took home player of the week honors for his all around effort as he filled up the stat sheet. He had a career high 10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks and 3 steals. But really it was his constant yelling out of the score that played the biggest factor as he helped correct the score on several occasions. “He has been invaluable to me as we sit over there and keep score and stats” said PFOL score keeper Lauren Hyde. “Usually Alex Montagano or Sam Elmore is standing right in front of us and we can’t see a thing. But we know we can always count on Rob to yell out the score”.

Laycock had a brief scare in the first half as he had a hard time controlling a cut on his knee. Blood poured from his knee for almost a half hour before he realized it. “I started to get light headed and then I looked down and my leg was covered in blood”, said Laycock. “I sustained this injury a few months ago playing with a bunch of high school freshman at the Jordan YMCA. It just has never healed since that game and I must have cracked it open again, but it was well worth it. I killed those kids at the YMCA”.

This is Laycock’s 2nd season in PFOL and he has self appointed himself the “Glue” to this team. “I just try and do all the little things to help our team win” said Laycock.
“I don’t care what he does or what he calls himself as long as he passes me the rock”, said Captain Edmound Elzy.
Team 2 can secure a playoff berth with a victory on Friday vs Team 4.

Team 4 – 64
Team 3 - 56

Team 3 dropped to 0-4 on Tuesday as they lost to Team 4 for the second time this season. With only 2 games left in the regular season Team 3’s playoffs hopes seem slim to none. They would need to win their remaining 2 games and have Team 2 lose their last 2 games. In addition, Team 2 would have to lose to Team 3 by more than 3 points when they face each other during the last game of the season next week.

Richie Smith led the way for Team 4 with 22 points. He connected on 6 of 9 three pointers and grabbed 6 rebounds. Nathan Burger chipped in with 16 points as he continues to vie for the “Most Improved” player award. Alan Mowrey dished out a season high 10 assist and raised his assist to turnover ratio to 4-3 in the process.

“I really just can’t wait for the off season. This has been a horrible experience”, said Troy Brokl.

Week 4 Pictures

Troy Brokl determined to get his stats on an 0-4 team.

Doug Morgan knocks down his patent corner 3 point shot.

Jason McGuinness was feeling it from the outside Tuesday

Mowrey gets off a shot easily over Brokl

Burger taking a break from beasting people down low

TJ Ford's long lost brother pulls up for a jumper

Mowrey locks down Grant before conceding the layup.

Greg Smith going old school

Great jump ball toss by Brian Stutzman

Rob Laycock takes an infection control timeout to tend to his busted knee

Rob busting out the finger roll on a fast break layup

Elzy is the all time dunk leader in PFOL history with 3

Laycock attacks the rim again