October 17, 2010

McAlister's Deli Week 2 Recap

Patriot League Bombers 55
Forecasted Showers 36

John Griffin lead his team on a 26-4 run in the first half of Friday's game vs Forecasted Showers and they never looked back as they cruised to a 55-36 win. Despite missing their defensive specialist Dave Neff, the Patriot League Bombers held Forecasted Showers to 36 points and a 34% shooting percentage. Only one player scored in double figures for Forecasted Showers (Rost).

Edmound Elzy who is in the midst of a personal 6 game losing streak had this to say about Griffin's performance, "When I guarded him and contested his shots he didn't score. It's when he got out on the break or came off a pick and roll is where he killed us".

After the game, Eric Flatt questioned if it isn't a time for a change. "Elzy and I have played together for 3 seasons and we haven't done anything. I might have to look at all my options this off season." Rumors swirled all week about Flatt's name being in involved in trade rumors.

3-Peat 50
Baston Jacks 37

3 -Peat used a balanced scoring attack and solid defense to defeat Baston Jacks 50-37 on Friday. The final score does not indicate how one-sided this game was. Baston Jacks looked completely out of sync and visibly frustrated with one another. "We are obviously not clicking right now, we need to get some practice time together and get this thing figured out", said Alan Mowrey. All four teams have next week off. Their next game is Nov 21st.

3 -Peat displayed some of the weapons that helped them win the PFOL 2 Championship. Richie Smith hit three 3 point field goals in a matter of 2 minutes. That outburst pushed the lead to 21 points in the 2nd half. Vance Catlin chipped in with 12 points and 8 rebounds and played tough defense on Baston Jacks' leading scorer Pat Sullivan. Sullivan was held to 11 points but manged to grab a season high 19 rebounds.

Jake Vernon battling flu like symptoms only scored 4 points on 2 of 7 shooting. Vernon being under the weather was actually a blessing in disguise for 3-Peat. Historically, statistics show that when Vernon shoots less than 14 times his teams are 6-0. When he shoots more than 14 times his teams are 0-4.

Baston Jacks drop to 0-2. "We are not panicking, we know this is a long season. I'm going to tell you this -even though we are 0-2, I guarantee that we are going to make the playoffs", said Alan Mowrey

October 16, 2010

Games 2 Pictures

Eric Flatt taking a rare outside shot.

Flatt back where he belongs - cleaning up the boards.

Graham Neuburger scored 12 points

John Griffin trying to decide to shoot an off balance shot or pass to Bonvillian. Percentage of the ball going in were about the same.

Laycock surprised everyone with a between the legs windmill dunk off the fastbreak.

Rost knocking down an open J.

Eric Flatt threads the needle and hits Monnier for a layup.

Bonvillian showing why he is one of the most underrated players this season. He knocks down a jumper.

Rob Laycock showing why he was named Defensive Player of the Week for Week 1.

Laycock pushes the ball and beats Morgan down the court.

Forecasted Showers' game plan of letting John Griffin shoot wide open jumper did not pan out well.

Elzy struggled to find his jumpshot

Bob Herzog struggled as well scoring only 3 points

Jason McGuinness sends Vernon's shot 10 rows into the stands.

Mowrey looking for someone to pass to - a season first.

Vernon only shot 7 times - well below his career average of 21.

October 13, 2010

McAlister's Deli Week 1 Recap

Patriot League Bombers - 69
Baston Jacks - 36

The long awaited PFOL debut of John Griffin was a performance for the record books. Griffin shattered several PFOL records in his teams 69-36 blowout win over the Baston Jacks. Some of the records Griffin broke: Most points scored by one player on Opening Night (30), Most Points scored by a rookie in his first game (30), most assists by a rookie in a game (15), most 3 pointers made (6).

"Baston Jacks can thank Pat Sullivan for that loss, he was talking trash for the last 2 weeks. I was determined to go all out and give it to him", said Griffin.

3 Peat - 39
Forecasted Showers -35

3 Peat used a late 2nd half run on Wednesday to knock off Forecasted Showers, 39-35. 3-peat used a balance scoring attack as all 6 players scored. Vance Catlin led the way with 12 points and Jake Vernon chipped in 8 points and a career low 5 foul calls.

"I am glad we got the win, but I am really concerned. I can't continue to carry my teammates. I have done it for 2 seasons. It really takes a toll."

Forecasted Showers struggled to find any scoring outside of Edmound Elzy. Elzy ended with 16 points and no other player scored in double figures.

League commissioner is contemplating changing Forecasted Showers name to Isolated Showers.

Pictures from Week 1

Troy Brokl and Sam Elmore showing off the new uniforms.

Baston Jacks Team Photo

John Griffin scores his first basket in PFOL history

Thrope Miller had a solid game scoring 12 points

Peter Dinwiddie breaking loose

Mowrey knocking down a three in the corner.

At times Griffin took on the entire Baston Jacks team single handed (and won).

Rost getting to the rim.

Jake Vernon trying the "double reverse sky hook"

Vance Catlin finishes a fast break layup

Vance powering it home

Jake Vernon playing his patent defense on Herzog.

October 7, 2010

PFOL 3 Season Preview

Tomorrow tips off season 3 of PFOL. All of the teams have selected their names for this season and the rosters have been finalized. The latest addition saw the Patriot League Bombers acquiring rookie free agent Rob Laycock. Scouts have compared Laycock to Rajon Rondo without the jump shot or passing ability.

Team 1 is now 3-Peat
Team 2 is now Patriot League Bombers
Team 3 is now Forecasted Showers
Team 4 is now Baston Jacks

3-Peat (Prediction 4-5)
3-Peat returns three starters from last year’s championship team and should be a well balanced team with the shooting and leadership of Richie Smith, the rebounding and defense of Vance Catlin to go along with the athletic play of Kyle Krol. Their biggest weakness will be team chemistry as Jake Vernon has already informed Alex Montagano and Kyle Krol that they are role players and they are never to shoot the ball.

Patriot League Bombers (Prediction 6-3)
This team is loaded with talent. John Griffin, a leading candidate for Rookie of Year will bring his deadly outside shooting and team up with a host of athletes including fellow rookie Graham Nueburger, Dave Neff and Brian Stutzman. Veterans Greg Smith and Thorpe Miller will look to bring some proven leadership to a very young but powerful team. “When all the dust settles people will look at this team the same way they look at the Miami Heat”, said Dave Neff.

Forecasted Showers (Prediction 3-6)
Forecasted Showers features a very hungry and determined Edmound Elzy (aka Tracy McGrady). Despite being one of the best players in PFOL history, Elzy’s teams have underachieved in the playoffs. This year they add some shooting and quickness as Bob Herzog and Jason Rost look remove the black cloud that hangs over this franchise. Still experts doubt that this team will be anything more than a one-and-done team in the playoffs. One team owner who wished to remain anonymous even questioned their team name. “Forecasted Showers? Are you serious? Who are their shooters? I only count two -Elzy and Herzog. A better name would have been Scattered Showers”.

Baston Jacks (Prediction 5-4)
If healthy and in shape, this team might be favored to win the title. Teaming up one of the league's better players in Pat Sullivan with Alan Mowrey, Jason McGuinness and Troy Brokl was one of the better off season moves by Baston Jacks’ GM and Owner, Alan Mowrey. Add to that the physical play of Sam Elmore and Chris Melby this team will be hard to beat. A huge question mark for the Baston Jacks will be if Andrew Boehner can return from an injury-ridden PFOL 2 season and if Peter Dinwiddie can get a hall pass from David Morway more than 2 times this season. If they have a healthy Boehner and Dinwiddie is able to play, this team will be a force. “We can play any style you want. We can run, we can slow it down, and we can bang, we can shoot” said Troy Brokl.