June 27, 2011

PFOL Draft Recap

Indianapolis - The PFOL 5 draft was held on Monday at Conseco Fieldhouse. Five players were chosen to be the GMs of their respective teams. Alan Mowrey, Troy Brokl, Brian Stutzman, Eric Flatt and Kyle Krol all would be drafting the remaining 31 players. The start of the draft was delayed for over 10 minutes when a very upset Edmound Elzy stormed the draft room demanding he be a GM.

Each GM selected a number out of a hat and that number determined what order the draft would be in. The Accounting Firm of R. Laycock and Associates was on hand to witness the picking of draft positions.

Troy Brokl won the #1 pick and promptly picked Edmound Elzy who then quickly pushed Troy aside and took over all picks from that point on.

Alan Mowrey held the 2nd pick and he snagged up the consensus #2 pick in Vance Catlin and Eric Flatt picked Richie Smith with the 3rd pick. Then the wheels came off.

Kyle Krol shocked everyone with his #4 pick and selected Rookie Tamba Samba. "I've only seen him play once, but that one time was all I needed to know", said Kyle Krol. Samba might be the most athletic player in the draft but many experts had him going late in the 2nd round in most Mock Drafts.

Brian Stutzman closed out the 1st round by picking Jason McGuinness with the #5 pick. "I was very lucky that J-Mac was there at #5", said Stutzman.

Some other noteworthy items from the draft included:

  • Jason Rost dropping to the 2nd round

  • Rookie Chad Lilly being selected in the 3rd round. He was the first inside sales rep taken.

  • Alex Montagano dropping all the way to the 6th round

  • Jesse Cacy's draft photo

The complete teams are listed below in alphabetical order as to not reveal the exact order in which each player was selected. The season tips off on Wednesday, July 6th

Team 1
Brokl, Troy
Burger, Nathan
Cole, Eric
Elzy, Edmound
Gibson, Ryan
Melby Chris
Pugh, Dustin
Reitan, Steve

Team 2
Boehner, Andrew
Catlin, Vance
Lande, Marty
Laycock, Rob
Montagano, Alex
Morgan, Doug
Mowrey, Alan

Team 3
Cacy, Jesse
Flatt, Eric
Glaser, Michael
Higginson, Scott
Lemay, Chris
Neff, Dave
Smith, Richie

Team 4
Bartlemay, Daniel
Dinwiddie, Peter
Elmore, Sam
Krol, Kyle
Lilly, Chad
Samba, Tamba
Spencer Anderson
Weisberg, Michael

Team 5
Brown, Brian
Corbin, Brad
English, Joe
McGuinness, Jason
Rost, Jason
Smith, Greg
Stutzman, Brian

PFOL 5 Draft

The PFOL 5 draft is schdeuled for Wednesday June 29th 2011.

Alan Mowrey, Jason McGuinness, Troy Brokl and Eric Flatt will be the 4 GM's drafting.

The #1 overall pick is expected to be Edmound Elzy, while the last pick overall is expected to be Rob Laycock

For more information please contact our PFOL intern Marty at Ext 2965