September 30, 2011

PFOL 6 Playoffs - R1G2 Pictures

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Rob Laycock playing fundamental defense

Dinwiddie clearing a rebounding - (Hyde gave the rebound to Montagano)

Peter Dinwiddie hit 2 late daggers from the corner to put the game away

Kevin Murray throws down a dunk over Stutzman off the nice pass from Mowrey

Kevin Murray leaps over a driving Rost

Not sure what's going on here but Montagano was credited with a rebound

Lauren Hyde credited Montagano with a block and steal on this play even though Smith made the basket.

Another block shot by Montagano

September 26, 2011

PFOL6 Playoffs Pictures R1G1

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Glaser smashes a Kyle Krol layup

Krol blows past Glaser the next play

Chuck chucking from deep

Kevin Murray with a ridiculous block on Tamba

Edmound Elzy drops in 2 of his 32 points

Rost goes up for a layup

September 25, 2011

PFOL 6 Week 6 pictures

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Troy Brokl just throwing up shots

Glaser's secret revealed: he's double jointed

Joe English doesn't let Rost get a clean look.

Steve Reitan with a nice fadeaway

Dean Heaviland drains a 3

Jason McGuinness started the game with four 3's in a row

Kevin Murray elevates over McGuinness

Greg Smith takes it at Krows

Dean looks to pass around the swarming defense of Laycock

September 23, 2011

PFOL 6 Playoffs Set

Team 2 earns the #1 seed due to a tie breaker with Team 4. They will face Edmound Elzy and his Team 1 who snagged the 4th seed after dropping the last 4 games of the regular season.
"I have been in this position before, I'm not nervous", said Elzy. Elzy is 1-9 all time in playoff games.

Team 4 dropped to the #2 seed and will face Team 3 in the first round. Richie Smith will go for his 4th ring in 6 seasons.

All games start Monday.

September 22, 2011

Press Release

For Immediate Release

The PFOL League office has reviewed and accepted a free agent signing for Team 1. Sam Elmore, AKA "The Elm Tree" has been signed to a 10 day contract. Terms of the contract were not disclosed by league policy.

The signing of Elmore is obviously preparation for a potential playoff match up between Team 1 and Team 2.

"They just have way too much size and we needed someone that can bang with their big guys. Andrew Boehner guarding Greg Smith in the post is not going to get the job done".

"Greg Smith, doesn't care who is guarding him in the post, the result will be the same", said Greg Smith.

PFOL 6 - Week 5 Pictures

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Brokl applies defensive pressure by only using his hands

Reitan showing off the hang time

Chris Melby got called for the Bear Hugging Foul

September 20, 2011

PFOL 6 - Week 4 Recap

Team 1 – 57

Team 3 - 67

Indianapolis – Team 1’s Edmound Elzy scored 24 points and grabbed 16 rebounds but it wasn’t enough as his Team dropped their 2nd straight game of the season. Team 3’s big 3 score a majority of their points (Krol 24, Cole 18 and McGuiness 17). Team 3 improves to 2-2 on the season.

Team 1 played most of the game without forward Tamba Samba who was hoodwinked by Eric Cole into thinking the game was at 12:30pm instead of 11:45am. Samba showed up with 7 minutes left in the game and quickly dressed and entered the game but was unable to make a difference.

“I guess Tamba doesn’t trust the email I send out each morning listing the game times. He would rather listen to a player from the opposing team”, said Commissioner Alan Mowrey.

Team 2 – 83

Team 4 - 43

Indianapolis – Team 2 set all kinds of records on Monday during their matchup with Team 4. They scored 83 points (Most in PFOL history), they beat Team 4 by 40 points (largest margin of victory), and they attempted 63 Field Goals (Most FGA in one game). Team 2’s Field Goal attempt record was previously held by both Jake Vernon and Edmound Elzy, both of whom attempted 61 Field Goals separately in one game back in 2010.

Rookie Kevin Murray scored 32 points and had several dunks. Vance Catlin had 10 points and 13 rebounds. After starting 0-2, Team 2 looks like the team to beat.

“They just ran us off the court, I have never been so tired in my life”, said Chris Melby

Team 4 played without All Star Eric Flatt, who missed the game because he had to take a vacation day.

September 19, 2011

Week 4 Pictures

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Dean with the good close out on Elzy

Krol got his shot off any time he wanted

Cole testing Retian's shot blocking ability. Cole failed.

Kevin Murray dropped 32

Melby dropping dimes

Laycock with the double pump layup

Murray goes up for a dunk

Week 3 Recap

Team 3 – 70

Team 4 - 65

Indianapolis – Jason McGuinness scored 22 points and Eric Cole scored 23 for a short-handed Team 4. They played with only 4 players and got their first win of the season.

Team 3 suffered only their first loss of the season (if you don’t count Brokl’s shooting percentage this season).

Team 2 – 55

Team 1 – 48

Indianapolis – Team welcomed PFOL rookie, Kevin Murray to their squad Friday. His arrival came at a good time as Team 2 has started the season 0-2. Murray made in immediate impact as he scored 20 points and had 10 rebounds.

Edmound Elzy had 19, 11, and 7 in a losing cause.

Week 3 in Pictures

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Brian Brown takes the ball to the rack

Thorpe Miller goes up for a reverse dunk

Tamba Samba trying to take the first PFOL Charge.

Elzy rejects a shot by rookie Kevin Murray

September 9, 2011

Week 2 Pictures

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Edmound Elzy doing what he does best - Ballin Hogging

Eric Cole drops a 3

McGuinness rejects Elzy's layup attempt

Richie Smith knocks down a 3

September 8, 2011

Week 1 Recap

Team 1 - 76
Team 2 - 42

Indianapolis- Team 2 played without Vance Catlin and turned the ball over 20 times. They got blown out. Andrew (Dirk) Boehner lived up to his name and scored 21 points. Enough said.

"I'm the #1 option on this team - Period!", said Andrew Boehner.

Team 3 - 47
Team 4 - 49

Indianapolis - Richie Smith's shot at the buzzer sailed of to the right and Team 4 held on to a narrow 2 point victory. Eric Flatt led the way with 10 points and 14 rebounds.

PFOL 6 Pictures

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Andrew Boehner was the number 1 option for Team 1.

Reminder, any picture(s) used for Facebook or Twitter profiles must have the expressed written consent of the league commissioner.

Rob Laycock lays the hammer on Rost

Dinwiddie slices through traffic for the layup

Laycock attacking the rim

Glaser left wide open

Montagano with the finger roll-floater

Krows wasting no time getting back into PFOL form

Lake with a flying shoulder takes out Heaviland

Stellar defense by Krol