June 15, 2010

Alex Montangano hits a game winner

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - Week 3

Deemer's Dream Team - 63
McAlister's Deli - 57

Both teams came into Tuesday's game looking for their first win of the season. Things looked good for McAlister's Deli as they built a 16 point lead at 45-29 early in the second half.

Then Richie Smith took over. Smith hit 3 three pointers in a row as his team went on an amazing 18-0 run to go up 47-45. Deemer's Dream Team never trailed again winning 63-57.

"The basket looked like a hula-hoop. I felt like everything I threw up was going in" said Smith. "This was the first time I have played since our loss in the finals last season, I'm just glad I had my stroke still".

Elzy had 22 and Eric Flatt had 12 points and 18 rebounds in the loss.

Vance Catlin scored 19 points and grabbed 13 rebounds and Richie ended up with 16 and 10.

Abusement Park - 48
Brute Force - 46

Alex Montagano hit a three pointer with .04 seconds left to give Abusement Park a 48-46 win over Brute Force. In his PFOL debut, Marcus Hall scored 12 points and grabbed 10 rebounds.

Abusement Park needed Montagano's shot after they found themselves down by 1 after Jason McGuinness scored a layup with 12 seconds left.

Brute Force struggled to get good looks all night and had a league high 21 turnovers.

After grabbing 15 rebounds in week 2, Jason McGuinness didn't grab one rebound in week 3.
"I was shocked when I saw the score sheet. I can't believe he didn't get one board. Even with this loss I still think we are the best team in the league and once we get a few more games played together we are going to be tough to beat", said Alan Mowrey

Week 3 photos

This might McAlister's Deli's problem - they are drawing up plays 30 seconds before tip.

Vance Catlin carrying his team

Evans running the point

Thorpe Miller busted out the old school skyhook.

Eric Flatt's debut was a solid one. His team blew a huge lead though

Richie Smith was key in a 18-0 run in the second half

Jhared crushes someone to get Rangel free

Marcus Hall goes up for the dunk but can't convert.

June 10, 2010

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - Week 2

Brute Force - 53
McAlister's Deli - 52

With Jhared Simpson out for Thursday's game Brute Force knew they would have their hands full with McAlister's Deli. Brute Force survived and avoided a second half meltdown to beat McAlister's Deli 53-52.

Edmound Elzy had 20 points and 11 rebounds but couldn't get open to recieve a pass late in the game with his team down 1 point and 2.7 seconds left. McAlister's Deli settled for a 25 foot heave by Nate Burger that clanged off the rim as time expired.

"It was a sloppy win, but we'll take it", said Chris Melby.

Brute Force once again had 3 players score in double figures, Mowrey 18, McGuinness 12, Brown 11.

Front Office Legends - 85
Deemer's Dream Team - 68

Pat Sullivan scored a career high in points (45) and rebounds (20) as he led his Front Office Legends to a 85-68 victory over Deemer's Dream Team. Each team only had 5 active players and the conditioning of Sullivan's team paid off. "It was an amazing performance by Sullivan and I don't want to take anything away from him, but I don't like how they ran up the score on us. We'll remember that the next time we play them", said Brian Stutzman.

Deemer's Dream Team was missing Richie Smith for a second straight game as well as Jake Vernon. "Missing those guys really messed us up. Without out Vernon we couldn't figure out who was supposed to be taking all the bad shots", said Vance Catlin. "I make my living cleaning up Jake's misses and we just didn't have that tonight, it really threw us off", said Thorpe Miller.

Week 2 pictures - PFOL 2

Amber Matthews knocks down a three becoming the first female player to score a 3 point field goal.

McGuinness ignores a wide open Melby and takes it right at Elzy and Evans to draw the foul

Elrod takes a jumper over Higginson

Thorpe Miller swats away a layup attempt by Jason Rost

They call Stutzman the white TJ Ford

Vance Catlin trying to create space

Thorpe Miller aka Jeff Foster looks to pass

Bonvillian takes right at Elrod

Higginson with a turn around jumper over Elrod

One of three possession where defense was played in this game

Pat Sullivan deciding how he is going to give it to Catlin.

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - Week 1

Abusement Park 35
Front Office Legends 41

The second season of PFOL tipped off Tuesday night amongst much anticipation and excitement. With over 20 rookies this season many players weren’t sure what to expect. Both Abusement Park and Front Office Legends were missing their two best players (Marcus Hall and Pat Sullivan) which meant many of the rookies were bound to see a lot of playing time.

Front Office Legends used a combination of quickness and athleticism to hold off a gritty Abusement Park 41-35. Jason Rost led the way with 12 points and 8 rebounds for the Front Office Legends. No one for Abusement Park scored in double digits as they obviously missed their captain Marcus Hall. The one highlight for Abusement Park was the play of Kyle Krol who took home defensive player of the week honors with 9 points, 9 Rebounds, 5 block shots and 5 steals. “He reminded me of a younger version of me”, said Dave Neff.

Marcus Hall who missed the game due to a prior commitment (The Jersey Boys with his girlfriend) is expected receive full forgiveness from his team when they return to play next week after a week 2 bye.

Brute Force 59
Deemer's Dream Team 50

In the second game of Tuesday’s double header Brute Force held off a late 2nd half rally by Deemer’s Dream Team and won 59-50. Brute Force had 3 players score in double figures including 18 from player of the week, Jon Rangel. Even with missing their best player Richie Smith (daughter’s softball) and getting down by 15 points in the 2nd half Deemer’s Dream Team rallied behind a barrage of 3 pointers by Jake Vernon to cut the lead to 5 late in the game. Despite going 4-21 from behind the Arc, Vernon’s timely three’s made the game interesting. “We really were losing interest in the game and let our guard down towards the end, the final score is not an indication of how one sided this game was”, said Alan Mowrey. P90X spokesman and starting point guard for Deemer’s Dream Team, Brian Stutzman had a disappointing outing as he went 0-10 from the field and had 6 turnovers. “I guess shooting exercises is not one of the 90 workouts” said Sam Elmore.

Vernon ended the game with 18 points and Vance Catlin lead the way with 19. After one week Brute Force showed that they are the team to beat this season. “We can go 8 deep and all 8 of our players can score the ball”, said Jason McGuinness. Brute Force has a huge showdown with McAlister’s Deli on Thursday as they look to solidify themselves as a true powerhouse.

- Stacy Paetz became the first woman to score a basket in the PFOL when she knocked down a 18 foot jumper shot in the first half
- Ashley Folsom was hired as a full time statistician joining Ashlee Jenkins
- Video of Troy Brokl getting blocked by Kyle Krol has received over 150 views in less than 24 hours
- McAlister’s Deli makes their season debut Thursday night vs Brute Force – tickets still available at tbrokl@pacers.com

June 8, 2010

Photos from week 1 - PFOL 2

Stacy Peatz warming up before game 1

Abusement Park minus Marcus Hall

Kevin Naylor hustling after a loose ball

Dave Neff draining a 3 over Brokl

Stacy Paetz knocks down a jumper

Jason Rost getting to the rim

PFOL 2 Statisticians Ashlee and Ashley

Dave Neff describing how things will be much better once Marcus Hall starts playing

Front Office Legends minus Pat Sullivan

Jake putting up a normal Jake shot - except this one went in.

Alan ignoring the post and getting ready to jack a three

Jon Rangel was the player of the week with 18 points and 4 Rebounds

Brian Stutzman is rumored to be asking for a refund for his p90x DVD after he failed to score a point in week one.

Vance doing what Vance does

Mowrey knocking down a three over Vernon

Halftime Interview - Abusement Park vs Front Office Legends

Down big in the first half, Abusement Park cut the lead to only 2 at half time. Stacy Paetz stopped to speak with our Jason McGuinness about it.

June 4, 2010

Teams choose names

After a season of fan complaints of not having team names for season one of PFOL, the league mandated that all teams choose a name for season 2.

Below are the new names:

Team 1 - McAlister's Deli
Team 2 - Abusement Park
Team 3 - Front Office Legends
Team 4 - Brute Force
Team 5 - Deemer's Dream Team

June 2, 2010

PFOL Season 2 teams announced

Indianapolis - The teams for season 2 of PFOL were announced this afternoon. Five teams will compete for the Alan Mowrey trophy starting June 8th. With the core group of players returning including Edmound Elzy, Pat Sullivan and Jhared Simpson the league adds over 20 new players including Marcus Hall, Donovan Etchison and Stacy Paetz. With the increase of players the league has expanded it's roster size from 6 to 8 players per team.

Misc notes
Several new rules changes have been implemented this year. Games will now consist of two 20 minute halves and the college 3 point line will be used.

Due to budget restraints PFOL 1 Champions will not receive their rings.

Team 1
Alex Krows
Amber Matthews
Bob Herzog
Camron Monnier
Chris Evans
Edmound Elzy
Eric Flatt
Nathan Burger

Team 2
Alex Montagano
Dave Neff
Donovan Etchison
Kyle Krol
Marcus Hall
Matt Lowstetter
Stacy Paetz
Ryan Gibson

Team 3
Heather Elrod
Jason Rost
Joe English
Kevin Naylor
Pat Sullivan
Ryan Forney
Michael Lake
Troy Brokl

Team 4
Alan Mowrey
Andrew Boehner
Brian Brown
Chris Melby
Jason McGuinness
Jhared Simpson
Jon Rangel
Sam Elmore

Team 5
Brian Stutzman
Jake Vernon
Kris Kovatovic
Richie Smith
Scott Higginson
Thorpe Miller
Vance Catlin
Zach Bonvillian