December 20, 2010

PFOL Finals Game 1

PLB – 65
Forecasted Showers – 46

On paper Game 1 of the PFOL Finals looked like a blow out. In reality the game was much closer than the final score indicated. Forecasted Showers playing without star Edmound Elzy kept the game close until PLB pulled away late in the 2nd half. Graham Nueburger had his best game as a PFOL player as he scored 16 points, grabbed 7 rebounds, dished out 12 assists and had 6 steals. John Griffin hit some timely 3’s that put the game out of reach in the 2nd half. Dave Neff chipped in with a 13 and 12 performance as well.

Forecasted Showers was lead by Eric Flatt who put up a gutsy 16 point 16 rebound game. “This just shows you what I can do when I get the ball” said Flatt.

Game 2 is scheduled for Dec 28th.

Neuburger pointing to where he wants to get his next assist.

Griffin trying to stay interested in the game.

Wogetch enjoying his off season.

Coach Miller not happy with his team's first half performance

Griffin starting to heat up.

Coach Miller not happy with his team's 2nd half performance

Flatt had a monster game with 16 points and 16 rebounds

Doug Morgan couldn't stop Greg Smith on the block

Nueburger with good looking form on his jumpshot

Rost elevating his jumper as well.

December 13, 2010

PFOL 3 - Playoffs Game 3 Pictures

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Mowrey takes the ball ball to the rack.

Mowrey breezes by Laycock

Mowrey knocks down a 3

Mowrey knocks down another 3

Mowrey with jumper over Laycock

Mowrey racks up another 3

Mowrey getting fouled

Mowrey running the point

Mowrey with a turn-a-round

December 9, 2010

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - Playoff Game 2

Patriot League Bombers 57
Baston Jacks 60

Baston Jacks were able to hold off the Patriot League Bombers and extend the series to a 3rd game on Wednesday as they won 60-57. The win came despite the news that Baston Jacks would be without their All-Star Pat Sullivan who will miss the remainder of the season. John Griffin scored 41 points and grabbed 11 rebounds for the short-handed PLB who was missing, Brian Stutzman, Dave Neff and Graham Nueburger. A well balanced scoring attack by Baston Jacks proved to be the difference as 4 of their 5 players scored at least 8 points.

Game 3 is set for Friday. PLB is expected to be at full strength of the game.

3-Peat 54
Forecasted Showers 63

Forecasted Showers advances to the PFOL Finals with a 63-54 win over 3-Peat. Jason Rost had his best game of the season as he scored 21 points and Eric Flatt chipped in with 17. “We are finally hitting out stride as a team”, said Captain Edmound Elzy.

3-Peat fails to the make the finals for the first time franchise history. 3-Peat who was riddled with injuries just didn’t have enough scoring power push the series to a 3rd game.

Forecasted Showers awaits for the winner of the PLB – Baston Jacks game on Friday. The Finals are set to start Monday, Dec 20th.


With the 3-Peat loss, Zach Bonvillian remains the only player who can possibly win a 3rd championship. Bonvillian won 2 rings with 3-Peat before signing with PLB.

John Griffin shattered the record for most FG attempts in a game with 42.

December 8, 2010

PFOL 3 - Playoffs Game 1 Pictures

McGuinness doing everything he can to stop Griffin

Nice pass from J-Mac

Mowrey gets a layup

Retian with the reverse layup

Elzy sending Krol's shot into the stands

3-Peat drawing up the last play.

December 3, 2010

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - Week 9

Baston Jacks - 48
Forecasted Showers – 52

Forecasted Showers ended their season on a winning note and now have some momentum as they head into the playoffs next week. Their 52-48 win over Baston Jacks on Friday was their 3rd win in 4 games and they are one of the hottest teams in the league right now. Despite their recent success, rumors are floating around that there is a fued between Edmound Elzy and Eric Flatt. A source who wished to remain anonymous said he over heard Flatt tell Elzy that he wanted a trade. Flatt said he is “sick of this team and I want out”. A heated verbal exchange then took place behind closed doors. The source said that Flatt was upset because he didn’t get the ball enough. He quotes, “I had Melby on me for 5 straight possessions and I couldn’t get the #@*%ing ball!”

Despite their internal bickering Forecasted Shadows will turn their focus to the reigning PFOL champions, 3-Peat.

Baston Jacks find themselves ending the season on a 3 game losing streak. They hope to regain their mid season form next week as they host the #2 seed Patriot League Bombers.

3-Peat - 59
Patriot League Bombers – 58

Friday’s game between Patriot League Bombers and 3-Peat had the league title on the line. The winner of the game would claim the #1 seed and the PFOL regular season title. The game was close throughout as there were 18 lead changes. Richie Smith gave 3-Peat their final lead on a step back 3 in the corner with 10 seconds left to put his team up 59-58. John Griffin had a look to win the game but the shot clanked off the rim and Stutzman’s flip shot at the buzzer from behind the basket fell short.

3-Peat heads into the playoffs looking for their third Championship in a row. PLB will be heading into the playoffs looking to prove doubters wrong. Of late, many experts are doubting the depth and experience of PLB, calling them very one dimensional.

Week 9 Pictures

In case you can't see him, Pat is the one in the Bright Yellow shirt.

Flatt slicing through the difference.

Mowrey takes a jumpshot over Elzy

Dinwiddie locking down Rost

McGuinness takes a charge on Rost.

Elzy with his patent fallaway airball

Higginson knocked down 3 huge shots for FS.

Elzy goes up for only the 3rd dunk in PFOL history.

B Brown knocking down the mid range J.

Krol with the nice reverse

Krol getting to the rim again

Griffin driving the lane

Stutzman with the wide open jumper

Richie Smith hit a 3 with 10 seconds left to win the game.

December 1, 2010

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - Week 8

Patriot League Bombers 57
Forecasted Showers 50

Both teams were missing their best players on Tuesday afternoon. PBL was playing without their star John Griffin and Forecasted Showers without Edmound Elzy. PBL used a combination of hustle, scrappy defense and solid shooting from Graham Neuburger to send Forecasted Showers to their 6th loss of the season with a 57-50 victory.

Eric Flatt tried to get his team fired up and was much more vocal than in past games. One person on the sideline compared this to when Michael Jordan retired and Scottie Pippen had to take over the Bulls. Flatt is the Pippen of this team and the pressure was all on Flatt’s shoulders. Jason Rost and Bob Herzog stepped their games as they scored 18 and 16 respectively. But in the end, the 1-2-3 combo of Neuburger, Stutzman and Neff proved to be too much for Forecasted Showers to handle as Neff scored 17 and Stutzman scored 14.

3-Peat 69
Baton Jacks 58

Before Tuesday’s game the injury ridden 3-Peat team signed Free Agent Steve Reitan to a 10-day contract. Despite the signing, 3-Peat still only fielded 4 players when they took on Baston Jacks Tuesday. However, 4 players proved to be all they needed as 3-Peat blew out Baton Jacks 69-58 to remain in a first place tie with PBL. Alex Montagano started off the scoring by hitting three 3 pointers in the first 5 minutes. Montagano ended up with 31 points on 7 for 10 shooting from behind the arch.

Baston Jacks played for the second week without All-Star center Pat Sullivan. They struggled to defend the quickness of 3-Peat. “We obviously missed the big guy in the middle today’’, said Alan Mowrey

Mowrey scored 23 points and Jason McGuinness scored 17 in a losing cause.

Week 8 in pictures

Dave Neff goes up for the Alley-Op and and hammers in home with a 2 hand dunk.

Neff was all over the court on Tuesday

Herzog was hitting everything her "threw" up.

Bonvillian protecting the paint.

Neuburger slicing to the rim

Stutzman trying to draw the foul.

Montagano hit 7 three pointers.

Kyle Krol playing defense on Boehner

Smith with a mid range jumper

Elmore beasting

Montagano hits a 3 at the end of the 1st half.