October 20, 2014

Week 2

Indianapolis  - Team 3 pulled away in the second half when Richie Smith came off the bench with a game high 18 points (16 coming in the second half).  Jason Gaither was the player of the game with a solid 16 points 6 rebounds and 6 assists making an assortment of layups and floaters.   Drew Franklin didn't follow through with his pregame promise of 20 points and 10 rebounds and should have aimed for a more modest 8 points and 8 rebounds.  Chris Taylor had a rough second half as his team dropped their 2nd straight game.  After the game Taylor had this to say, “I'm not sure if it was the zone or what, but we just struggled to score.  I tried to spin the ball off the backboard every which I way I could but it just wasn't going in.  One bright spot for Team 2 was the emergence of Will Schnabel.   He already has the best Twitter account in the league but has shown the ability to hit a 3 and is quickly become a fan favorite.   One fan said “if there were PFOL jerseys and I actually wanted to buy one first I would get a Richie Smith jersey but second I would get a Will Schnabel jersey.”

Game Notes

·         PFOL10  continued it's strong attendance with at least 7 people in the stands.  

·         One PFOL fan stated that she would never watch  this if she didn’t know these people

                                               Chris Taylor Taking Shots at Nathan Burger
Richie Smith Discussing His Performance Post Game

October 13, 2014

Week 1 Recap

WOW! What an incredible start to the first week of the PFOL Season 10! Both sets of games showed multiple comebacks and tons of heart and passion.


Team Elzy faced Team Taylor yesterday in a defensive slobberknocker. This game reminded me of the 2013 Pacers days against pretty much any other all defensive no offensive teams in the league. Team Elzy used their bench very effectively and squeaked out a 35-29 win against the 5-man rotation Team Taylor put on the floor. “It hurts when you don’t have your best lineup,” explained Team Captain Chris Taylor. “I have been here for 2 years, seen Intern Drew become Drew Franklin and never seen him sick a day in his life. Collusion? I hope not.”


Today’s matchup with Team Burger against Team Reitan was quite the opposite. This game featured 30 more shot attempts than the previous game with much high shooting percentages. “I’ll admit,” proclaims Jeff Hughes. “I thought we would slaughter this team today. Mad respect.” Our first OT game of the year goes down to the wire and Team Burger sweated out the win against Team Reitan 64-61. We all knew what Branch and Westberry would bring to the table, but what might be most surprising is Team Captain Nathan Burger’s 14 point 7 rebound performance today. “I’m at 2!” shouts Burger from the locker room. Altercations stemmed from an argument between Burger and Elzy regarding how highly Burger thought of himself. “I thought he was a 3 easily,” said Elzy. “Proved me wrong today.”


More surprising notes from Week 1:


·         Team Burger has 4 players in the Top 10 in scoring, rebounding, and assists

·         Kyle Krol already posting a strong campaign for Comeback Player of the Year leading the league in rebounding

·         Cody Sparks shoots for the Most Improved Award early on with a strong 10 point 7 rebound performance yesterday

·         Can Edmound Elzy overcome a weak 11 point 7 rebound performance in the opener to regain the scoring title? Or will he slowly deteriorate and fall into the shadows of what was the PFOL Elite? Time will tell

·         Strong battle at the top for Rookie of the Year between newcomers Jason Gaither and David Westberry. Gaither posted a 12 point 7 rebound effort and Westberry almost messed around and got a triple double with a 16-6-6 display.


Many things to look forward to next week!


Any complaints? Feel free to contact our customer service rep at sreitan@pacers.com

Week 1 Pictures

Adam Branch shooting the first of two big Free Throws

Chris Bush looking for his mid range game

Adam Branch with one of his 10 rebounds  
Chris Taylor getting 3 of his 19 despite a good contest
Sam Elmore getting back on Defense



Sam Elmore once again  hustling back on defense


                                                                  More Elmore hustle






October 8, 2014

New Hires!!!!!

As the PFOL has expanded we have added staff.  

Zach Fronterhouse- VP of Operations

Zach was once the do-it all intern or as he would say King of the Interns.   Zach will lead our operations department which will include website maintenance, some photography, scorekeeping, and general work. 

Kristyn Rogers – VP of Service & Statistics  

Kristen (Krogers) Rogers comes to us from the Premium Services world and will be a great asset to the league.  A world class Volleyball player and avid Florida fan she dislikes everyone from Tennessee & Kentucky.   She will help out with stats, working the scoreboard, & just keeping in 100.  

When you see Zach & Kristen please congratulate them on their roles! 

Team Captains

Team 1 – Edmound Elzy

Team 2 – Chris Taylor

Team 3 – Steve Reitan

Team 4 – Brandon Sherman

Team 5- Nathan Burger  

October 7, 2014

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Alex O'Cull Chris Taylor Andrew McCarthy
Andrew Boehner Drew Franklin Chris Bush
Cody Sparks Intern Nick Doug Morgan
Dean Heaviland Joe English Jason Gaither
Dustin Campbell Kyle Krol Richie Smith
Edmound Elzy Sam Elmore Spencer Anderson
Scott Dunblazier Will Schnabel Steve Reitan

Team 4
Team 5
Brandon Schlarb Adam Branch
Brandon Sherman David Westberry
Dru Anthrop Ethan Armour
Greg Smith Jeff Hughes
Jason Buckner Max Aiken
Nic Hendrix Nathan Burger
Rob Laycock Zac Fronterhouse
Zach Graham