February 11, 2016

PFOL Awards

Who is your favorite PFOL Player?

Edmound Elzy – 100%

What was the best moment of the season?

Team Taylor beating Team Burger 42.50%
Any argument involving Andrew Boehner 32.50%
Richie Smith going for 38 25.00%

Who is the Rookie of the Year?

Michael Hornback – 41.46%
Michael Smith 36.59%
Tim Streets 21.95%

Who is the Most Improved Player?

Nic Hendrix -67.50%
Chris Bush –20.00%
Andrew Boehner –12.50%

Who is the Defensive Player of the Year?


Tom Pritchard - 72.50%
Brandon Sherman–15.00%
Nic Hendrix– 12.50%

Who is the MVP?


Richie Smith – 60.98%
Nic Hendrix – 29.27%

Tom Pritchard – 9.76%

January 6, 2016

PFOL News & Notes

PFOL News & Notes

With the 2nd half of the PFOL season about to start up today lets look at some notes from around the league

The Early MVP
This unfortunately goes to Nic Hendrix who simply has been dominating.  He’s averaged 14 pts 10 boards and he is one (real stat) of only 3 players in the league that shoots over 50% for the season.  Yes, only 3 out of 37 players shot over 50%, there are some people who have only taken 2 or 3 shots for the season and they still are under 50%.   Richie Smith is a great shooter and not even close to 50%.   What’s better is there are straight 8 people shooting under 20%.  That is freaking terrible.   So Nic is the first half MVP simply for being on winning team and shooting well. 

Aaron Weaver vs Zac Fronterhouse who is going to score first?
At the halfway point both players are scoreless, the bet here is to score first is Fronterhouse.  He has actually scored in a PFOL game before (as recently as PFOL 11) so there is visual evidence that he can do it. Unfortunately, for Aaron Weaver no one has ever seen him make a basket, combine that with the fact he’s only made it to one game he’s a great bet to go scoreless for the season. 

Jake Ollier!!!!!!
You looked me off a couple of times last game homie.  Remember its team Elzy not team Ollier.  Thanks

Where is CT?
After being given team captain status for the second straight season, Chris Taylor promptly abandoned his team, the rumor is that he has finally returned from his homeland but his team is struggling at 1-2

Best Stat Line of the Season so far:
This goes to Kirby, not sure if he’s helping or hurting his team but he’s 2-15 from the floor for the season,  2nd on the team in blocks, a top rebounder, a top 10 assist guy in the league, and the only person out there rockin’ short sweat shorts.  Interesting rookie debut

He's says he's a creator but may be a cancer
Let’s recall when Andrew Bynum came to the Pacers, he wasn’t playing, he was overweight, and had to get into game shape first so he could play.  Now let’s look at Justin Ramquist going to team Burger, he hasn’t been playing, he’s overweight and he’s trying to get into game shape first so he can play.  The parallels don’t’ stop there.   They both have been a part of Championship teams where they barely contributed and both consistently alienate teammates to the point that they just want them to go away.  His free agent signing could be an issue for Team Burger who is 3-0 and has the most balanced team in the league.  Ramquist for his part has continued his Bynum parody and is already out for his first game.     I'm skeptical that he'll help Team Burger