September 24, 2010

PFOL 3 teams announced


Indianapolis – Teams for the third season of PFOL have been approved by the Board of Governors. PFOL 3 will feature four teams when the league tip offs on October 8th. Several new players will take the court this season as rookies John Griffin (Bucknell University) and Graham Neuburger (Santa Clara) team up with some other PFOL 3 veterans.

“This is the most talent PFOL has ever had”, said Edmound Elzy. “All four teams have a strong starting five”.

Three members of the PFOL 2 Champion Deemer’s Dream Team are teamed up again for this season. Riche Smith, Vance Catlin and Jake Vernon look to win a second championship in a row. Vernon is confident going into the season, “I carried my PFOL 1 team, I carried my PFOL 2 team and I will carry my PFOL 3 team to another championship”. When asked to comment on Vernon’s statement, Vance Catlin simply let out a huge sigh and walked away.

The full PFOL 3 scheduled will be released next week.

Below are the 4 teams for this season:

Team 1
Vance Catlin
Richie Smith
Brian Brown
Kyle Krol
Jake Vernon
Alex Montagano
Stacy Paetz
Zach Wogtech

Team 2
John Griffin
Graham Neuburger
Greg Smith
Brian Stutzman
Dave Neff
Thorpe Miller
Zach Bonvillian

Team 3
Edmound Elzy
Jason Rost
Eric Flatt
Bob Herzog
Cameron Monnier
Scott Higginson
Doug Morgan

Team 4
Pat Sullivan
Alan Mowrey
Jason McGuinness
Troy Brokl
Sam Elmore
Andrew Boehner
Chris Melby
Peter Dinwiddie

September 20, 2010

PFOL 3 Set to Tip Off Oct 8th

Season 3 of PFOL is scheduled to tip off on October 8th. All games will be played midday at Conseco Feildhouse.

Season 3 will have some familiar faces returning to the hardwood. Some of those include:

Edmound Elzy, aka "Tracy McGrady". Elzy is looking to get his first playoff win of his career.

Jake Vernon returns for a 3rd season and is anxious to see who's coat tales he can ride to a possible 3rd championship.

Greg Smith returns to PFOL after a brief stint oversees.

Dave Neff returns despite losing his Ball State Buddy Marcus Hall to free-agency

Season 3 will also see an influx of rookie talent including two Division 1 athletes. John Griffin (Bucknell) and Graham Neuburger (Santa Clara) will be joining the PFOL. Their eligibility will be complete once they pass their mandatory rookie class: "How to cope and accept bad calls by Jake Vernon".

September 6, 2010

McAlister's Deli Game Summary: Deemer's Dream Team Wins PFOL 2

Deemer's Dream Team won the PFOL 2 Championship last Monday with a 62-38 victory over Brute Force. It is the second championship for Vance Catlin, Jake Vernon and Zach Bonvillian. Deemer's Dream Team routed Brute Force who were missing three of thier key players. Jhared Simpson (job relocation) Jon Rangel (job ended) and Andrew Boehner (flu like symptoms) all missed the game. "We knew without those three players we were in for a long night" said Alan Mowrey. Brute Force played with only 5 players while Deemer's Dream Team had a full roster. "Not taking anything away from their win, they beat us pretty handily, but it would be interesting to play them with our full squad - I think it would be a good game", said Mowrey.

Richie Smith scored 17 points and grabbed 7 rebounds as he won Finals MVP. Vance Catlin chipped in 16 points and grabbed 5 rebounds.

PFOL 3 is scheduled to tip off on Oct 8th.

September 3, 2010

Photos of Brute Force - Deemer's Dream Team Finals

To view all the pictures from this game click here

Both teams warming up before the tip off. Believe it or not, Jake actually called a foul on this shot in warmups. A sign of things to come.

Alan Mowrey doing some in game Tweeting. "@PacersVPTix just called a foul in warm ups"

PFOL 2 Championship game is under way

Mowrey taking Vernon baseline for a quick 4-0 lead

Melby was 4 for 4 to start the game and helped Brute Force gain a 10-2 lead

Loose ball, so Vernon decides to Karate chop Melby in the back of the head. Elmore trying to warn Melby.

"Foul" - First bad call of the day by Vernon

Melby was on fire in the first half

Mowrey getting to the rim

Elmore takes a break from hitting Vance to score a layup

Mowrey couldn't find the outside shot all game

Jason McGuiness knocks down a three to cut Deemer's Dream Team's lead to 10 in the 1st half

Kyle Krol left to watch from the side line as his team was eliminated last week

Bad call #10 by Vernon. This foul call came about 4 seconds after this picture was taken

Brian Brown knocking down the outside shot

Richie Smith knocking down another 3 over the outstretched Melby

The white TJ Ford gets to the rim for a layup but misses the shot.

Thorpe Miller chasing down a bad pass for a fast break layup

Stutzman was 0-6 on the night

Vance put up another impressive performance in the finals

Scott Higginson knocking down a 3

Richie delivered the final blow with 2 huge 3 pointers in the last 2 minutes.

Deemer's Dream Team are the PFOL 2 Champions

This is the second Championship for Jake Vernon, Vance Catiln and Zach Bonvillian