February 25, 2010

Week 5 Recap

Team 4 - 55
Team 1 - 44

Team 4 flexed their muscles and put up the largest margin of victory for any team with a 55-44 win over Team 1. "Start fitting us for the rings, team 4 ain't losing the rest of the season", said guard Chris Evans.

Greg Smith scored a career high 24 points, while Alan Mowrey put up 16 for team 1 despite battling a rare combined case of the flu, strep throat and low grade mono. "It is amazing he even played today, he was in bed all day Tuesday and for him to come out and give that type of effort is amazing", said guard Nathan Burger. "Troy Brokl had a slight cold a few weeks ago and he sat out a game, but Alan battled through his illness - just shows you the type of player Brokl is and the type of player Mowrey is, said PFOL statistician Chelsea Smith.

Team 2 - 54
Team 3 - 50

Edmound Elzy scored a league record 31 points, including 7 three pointers as Team 2 held off the short handed Team 3, 54-50. Team 3 was without Vance Catlin for most of the game as he was tending to his full time job. "Gotta pay the bills", said Catlin.

This game featured a number of firsts, Brokl's first 3 pointer of the season as well as Jake Vernon's first assists of his career. In addition, Sam Elmore had more points than fouls for the first time this season.

"Eric Flatt grabbed 13 Rebs, but failed to score for Team 2, who improves to 2-3 and is proving to be a threat in post season play. "You don't want us in the first round of the playoffs, believe that!", said Michael Cioroianu, who strangely didn't even play in week 5.

  • Next week will be the last regular season game. A revised playoff schedule which now features a best of 3 game format will be released on Friday.

Pictures from Week 5

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One of the top candidates for MVP, Pat Sullivan led his team to a 4-1 record with a week 5 victory over team 1

Jason McGuinness only needed to score 2 points for Team 4

Team 1 was 0-13 from 3 point land on Thursday.

Greg Smith had a season high 24 points for Team 4

Dave Neff pushing the ball up court.

Sam Elmore never gives up easy buckets

Vernon knocked down a 1st half three

Elzy and Simpson share a laugh during play as Neff takes a jumper.

Not sure why Brokl was on the ground on this play

Things got heated between Vernon and Elzy after a hard foul. Both players had to be separated.

Brokl getting hacked on his way to the hoop.

February 22, 2010

Attitudes Sour as the PFOL Nears the Mid-Season Mark

February 20, 2010

By Dave Neff

INDIANAPOLIS – What initially started out as an exciting league full of promise has taken a sudden turn for the worse in recent weeks. The Pacers Front Office League, affectionately known as the Pacers F-Off League, has been fraught with negative attitudes and cries of competitive injustice. Even the mild-mannered Commissioner, Mr. Ned “Alan” Mowrey, turned the dial up this past week trading verbal jabs with Jake “the Snake” Vernon. In a twist of irony, Vernon re-iterated to Mowrey mid-game that, “we are not going to let this get out of control. This is not Xavier intramurals.”

Veteran Greg Smith of Team 4 voiced his displeasure in a profanity-laced tirade as the clock wound down in his team’s week four win over Team 2. “I’m BLEEPIN sick and tired of this BLEEP. Not even fun anymore. This BLEEP has gotta stop.”

While Commissioner Mowrey searches for solutions, one thing is clear: changes are imminent. A source close to the Commissioner said he is known to email the captains with proposed rule changes after each week of games. This is leaving some to question whether Mowrey is fit for the role of Commissioner. Reigning Defensive Player of the Week Troy Brokl had this to say about Mowrey’s performance four weeks into the season: “I’m not really sure what Mowrey is thinking about the direction of this league. Did you know I just went to the nurses and they said I don’t have to come back for six months? I used to be every three months. I wonder how often Mowrey visits the nurses. If it’s more than me, I should be commissioner. Whitewater rules.”

While this sound byte has left many confused, it is being reported that Brokl still may be suffering from the lingering effects of a week three illness that kept him sidelined for a game.

Leading frontrunner for League MVP, Edmound Elzy (Victorville, Calif./Oakwood Christian HS) believes the first issue that needs to be resolved is the abundance of fouls being committed. “Look, I know I have a target on my back. I’m the best player out here. My game is basically at a 4.7 wind-aided 40. Back in my days in Portales, NM my game was at a 4.3 strong headwind. I could be killin these cats, but I’m getting fouled every trip down the court. WORD AAPP.”

One thing is for certain: The PFOL is a league full of colorful personalities. While talks continue to swirl surrounding the possibility of shortening the regular season in favor of playoff series, an immediate change in outlook and perspective is needed. Or the PFOL could be folding up shop.

Stay tuned for updates as this is a developing story.


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February 19, 2010

League to address fouling issue

The Pacers F-Off League has announced that it will closely look at the rules and see if changes are needed as it relates to the abundance of fouls that have occurred during the first 4 weeks of the season. "It has gotten out of hand, the ways the rules are now, it benefits you to foul instead of giving up a layup", said Sam Elmore.

Troy Brokl leads the league in fouls per game at an astonishing 8 fouls per game. Close behind him is Edmound Elzy at 7 per game.

Fouling has caught the eye of the commissioner

February 17, 2010

Media Release

PFOL announced today that an all time attendance record was set during today’s Week 4 games. 6 people were in attendance for the opening tip of Wednesday’s regular season game. The original attendance record was 2, set back on Opening Night, January 27th.

“This is a great accomplishment for our league. To grow by 200% in just 3 weeks is an amazing accomplishment”, said League Commissioner/Power Forward/Reporter/Photographer/Chief Marketing Officer, Alan Mowrey.

Manu Ginobili and fellow members of the Spurs sat courtside for Wednesday’s PFOL league game.

Week 4 Pictures

Edmound Elzy poured in 26 points to become the league's leading scorer at 20 ppg

Doug Morgan challenging Pat for a layup

Eric Flatt got the rebound on this shot - one of his 19 on the night

Sullivan and Elzy went back and forth all night long

Dave Neff held Mowrey to only 10 points on the night, but couldn't stop him on this play

Jake Vernon was 3 of 18 from three point land, but one of those 3's decided the game

Dave Neff chipped in with 7 points

Vernon would not be denied

Brokl hit two huge 3's during Team 2's epic come from behind victory

Simpson had a chance to win it in regulation but came up short

Final Scores Week 4

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Final Scores - Week 4
Team 2 - 39
Team 4 - 43

Team 2 lost in overtime to team 4 despite a season high 26 points from Edmound Elzy. Playing without All-Star guard, Jason McGuinness, team 4 improved to 3-1 on the season. Pat Sullivan carried team 4 with 25 points and 4 Rebs. Even at 3-1, Team 4 shows signs of instability. Sources close to Team 4 report that center Greg Smith is unhappy with the offense and believes he needs to be more involved.

Edmound Elzy voiced his displeasure with the amount of fouls called in today's game. "I get fouled every time I go in the lane and I never call foul. For the other team to call some of fouls they did is crazy.

Eric Flatt counties to show why he is the league leader in rebounds as he gobbled up 19 rebs. Flatt also scored 8 points on 4 0f 27 shooting. Most of his rebounds came off his own shot attempts.

Looking ahead to next week's match up, Flatt predicted a 20 Reb game next week, "who's going to stop me on Team 1? Kreutzinger? Burger? Good luck".

Team 1 40
Team 3 43

Jake Vernon hit a 3pt FG with 42 seconds left in the 3rd overtime to seal the victory over Team 1. The victory propels Team 2 into a two way tie with Team 4, Team 4 owns the tie breaker however. Vernon finished with 9 points on 3 of 18 shooting. Jhared Simpson lead the way with 15 points and 7 Rebs. Team 2 was down by 10 points with less than 5 minutes left to play but found a way to send the game into overtime.

Team 1 drops to a disappointing 1-3 on the season but despite their record they are very optimistic. "all that matters is that we are playing our best basketball come playoff time, that's all that matters - we are very close" said Alan Mowrey. Guard Hasen Wong, said "I don't care about the regular season. When they start giving out rings for best regular season record then call me, until then I'll start playing in the playoffs".

February 16, 2010

War of Words hits the Twitter World

Week 4 is shaping up to be a pivotal week as all 4 teams in the league are within one game of each other. Every game this season has been decided by 5 points or less and 4 of the 6 games have been decided on the last play of the game including a game winning half court shot at the buzzer in week 2.

As intense as the games have been on the court, the battle of words in the office have been just as intense. Jake Vernon took his battle outside the office and into the social media world. Today on his Twitter account Jake posted the following message:

...I got a blister on my hand - could cause some issues in tomorrow's league hoops game. Will still outscore @abmowrey

In response, Alan Mowrey, PFOL's leading scorer said, " No Comment - when he scores a point in this league then I will have a comment". Mowrey was referring to Vernon's 0-10 performance in week 3.

Even fans of the PFOL have started tweeting adding fuel to an already buring flame. Chris Granger, Senior Vice President of Business Operation for the NBA tweeted:

@TMBO_Chris: @PacersVPTIX You outscore people, because you don't pass the ball. I'm just sayin

Vernon's team Troy Brokl, joined in the action and said, "I hope Alan guards me, I am going to drop 45 on him".

"All I am going to say, is Team 3 better figure out a way to score more than 25 points, otherwise we are going to embarrass them".

News From Around the League
  • Popularity of the Pacers F-Off League is growing. Several media passes have been requested for tomorrow's games. Pacers Season ticket holder Prather Creighton will be in attendance and will be a special beat writer for the PFOL

  • Rumors have been circulating that the league is considering shortening the season from 9 week to 6 weeks and in turn expanding the playoffs to a best of 3 game series

  • League officials have confirmed that PFOL will be adding 2 new expansion teams next season

  • All Star voting begins next week

February 9, 2010

Photos from Week 3

to view all the pictures from Week 3 click here

Despite a strong 24 points from Elzy, Team 1 got their first victory of the season

Even the official scorers could not believe Team 1's 10-0 start to the game

Edmound Elzy goes up for a dunk

This picture sums up the problems of Team 2 - not enough options

Eric Flatt getting in position for the rebound - he now is leading the league in rebounding but is rumored to not be happy with the number of touches he is getting

Jason McGuinness showing why he was named Defensive player of the week

Vernon trying to find his shot

Brokl had to watch this one from the sidelines as he was out with the flu - his teammates were questioning his commitment to the team - they felt he should have played.

McGuiness lived up to his promise and held Simpson to a season low 7 points

Simpson had few shots that were not contested

Vernon still trying to get into a rhythm

Vance Catlin was the one bright spot from Team 2 as he poured in 14 points and grabbed 13 rebounds

Jason going up for the dunk

Vernon setting a nasty screen trying to free up Simpson

Vernon putting on the full court pressure on Evans

Down by 3 with 7 seconds left, Team 3 draws up a play

Box Scores - Week 3

Click here for complete Week 3 box scores and league leaders

Final Scores - Week 3

Team 2 - 47
Team 1 - 50

Kyle Krol missed a 3 point shot at the buzzer that would have sent the game to overtime as Team 1 got it's first victory of the season beating Team 2 50-47. Team 1 jumped out to an early 10-0 lead in the first quarter before Team 2 settled down and came back to tie the game at 18. Alan Mowrey scored 20 points and Richie Smith dished out 13 assists for team 1 who finally got a win under their belt. "It's frustrating to think that we could be 3-0 right now" said guard Brian Stutzman.

Edmound Elzy lead the way for Team 2 with 24 points. Team 2 drops to 1-2 on the season. "I thought we had a good game plan going into the game and I thought everyone was on board, and then the game started and everyone starting doing their own thing", said Elzy.

Final Score
Team 3 - 25
Team 4- 28

Jake Vernon made his season debut for Team 3 and stepped into a starting role as Team 3 was without guard Troy Brokl who was out with the flu. Team 3 was visibly out of sync with the change in personnel as they scored a season low 25 points, losing to Team 4 28 -25. Team 4 got a strong effort from Greg Smith who had 8 points and 7 Rebs.

Team 3 had several opportunities to tie the game but Jake Vernon missed two 3 pointers in the closing seconds that would have sent the game to overtime.

Troy Brokl who watched the game from the sidelines, said "maybe we aren't as good as everyone says we are." Vance Catlin had team highs with 14 points and 13 rebounds.

February 8, 2010

Pacers League getting heated

Only two weeks into the season and things are already getting intense. This past week has seen several players verbally battling in the media. It started with Edmound Elzy of Team 2 guaranteeing that Eric Flatt would outscore Pacers F-Off League's 2nd leading scorer Alan Mowrey. When reached for comment, Mowrey was amused by this statement, but said "Our team should be 2-0, if they want to try and shut me down go right ahead, we have plenty of other weapons on this team. I am all about getting the W and I don't care if I score 4 points as long as we win. With that said, I would not take that bet." Team 1 plays Team 2 at 11:45am Tuesday.

Another war of words started between Team 4's Jason McGuinness and upcoming opponent Team 3. Thursday, McGuinness sent a league wide email stating:

"SHOT CALL: Jhared = single digit points next week. Bring your mouth piece. You will feel like #28"

McGuinness was referring to league's leading scorer Jhared Simpson. McGuinness even went as far as to divulge the game plan of playing a box and 1 on Simpson. This is an attempt to hold Simpson below his season average of 19.5 points per game. It is unknown if Simpson is even aware of this email that was sent as he has yet to respond to any email communication sent out by the league office or any of it's players.

League sources have confirmed that a lengthy game planned devise by Team 4's Pat Sullivan exceeded 4 pages.

The same source has confirmed that the lowest scoring team in the league, Team 2, has been working feverishly to implement a new offensive scheme for their upcoming game with underrated Team 1. Multiple emails have been sent back and forth between members of Team 2, as they try to formulate a game plan that will get them scoring more points. They have so many issues that the number of emails sent between the players of Team 2 affected storage space on the league server. Bob Cary, who works in the IT department said, "they just kept going on and on trying to figure out how to score more points - it was just email after email."

A player from Team 2 who wished to remain anonymous said today, "I am worried about this game, we struggle to score points and don't really have any other scoring outside of Elzy. I think we need to get more people shots and not be so one dimensional."

Mowrey, from Team 1 joined in the trash talking by saying, "that team should be 0-2 - they got a lucky win in week 1"

Week 3 is bound to be a very interesting week on the court.

News Around the League
  • Troy Brokl is questionable for tomorrow's game. He has Flu like symptoms.
  • Jake Vernon is not expected to play tomorrow - his status is unknown.
  • Edmound Elzy is probable for tomorrow's game - he is nursing a sore lower back - an injury sustained by carrying his team for 2 straight games.
  • Alan Mowrey is listed as probable for tomorrow's game - he is tending to a sore shoulder after playing 25 games of Pop-a-Shot last night.
  • Jhared Simpson will not be fined or suspended for indecent exposure during last week's game
  • Sam Elmore is leading the league with 27 fouls over the first 2 games
  • Henry Kreutzinger is unofficially averaging 8.5 blocks per game
  • Team 1 is the league's leading 3 point shooting team- with 2.5 3pt FGs made per game
  • Hasen Wong, has been reportly putting in long hours in the gym working on his jump shot
  • The Pacers F-Off League is considering expansion for next season. They are looking to add at least 2 more teams.

February 2, 2010

Final Scores - Week 2

Final Scores - Week 2

Team 4 - 46
Team 1 - 45

Team 1 suffered a devasting loss at the hands of Pat Sullivan on an unbelieavable half court shot at the buzzer. With 4.9 seconds left in the game and down by 2 points, Sullivan caught a pass just inside the half court line. He was immediatly double teamed but managed to get the shot off just before time expired and lifted his team to a 46-45 victory. There was some debate wheter or not Sullivan traveled on the play.
"Regardless if he traveled or not, we didn't call it and he made an amazing shot" said Alan Mowrey - "you have to give him credit, if we would have made our free throws, we wouldn't have been in that at situation". Team 1 missed 3 free throws in the last 45 seconds of play to setup the heroic shot. Sullivan ended the game with 15 points. Mowrey scored 21 but saw his team drop to 0-2.

Chris Evans earned player of the week honors by holding All Star guard Richie Smith scoreless. "I guarantee that will never happen again, we will run some plays to get Richie going. If he doesn't score then we won't win many games" said Mowrey.

Team 3 - 36
Team 2 - 31

Team 3 pulled out a 5 point 36-31 victory over Team 2 in a match up that saw an amazing 43 fouls and a combined 14 free throws. Team 3 hit their free throws down the stretch to improve their record to 2-0. The league's leading scorer, Jhared Simpson's scored 13 points and pulled down 10 rebounds for team 3. Edmound Elzy scored 17 points for team 2 but got very little help from the rest of his team. Team 2 is the league's lowest scoring team at 33.5 points per game.

Guard Zach Bonvillian expressed his frustration to the League Commissioner complaining that teams are fouling too much. "Any time you get a free path to the basket, they would foul us instead of giving up a layup". Current league rules do not award free throws to non shooting fouls unless the foul occurs in the last minute of each half. Bonvillin will not be fined for his comments.

Simpson takes a jump shot over Elzy

Brokl ignoring his wide open teammate Vance to get his own shot

Brian Stutzman clutch from the line

One of the 43 fouls that occurred in the Team 3 vs 2 match up

One of Mowrey's back to back 3's during a 10-0 run in the 2nd half

Evans with a unique post entry pass

Kreutzinger with a strong lay up over Evans

Krows with a good looking jump shot from the top of the key

Pat Sullivan missed this 3, but hit the only one that mattered later that half

Rule changes to take effect Week 2

After reviewing the games from week 1, the league office has implemented several rule changes that will take effect immediately.

- 24 second shot clock as opposed to a 35 second shot clock

- All shooting fouls in the last minute shoot 2 free throws

- All non shooting fouls in the last minute shoot 1 and 1 for the first foul and 2 free throws every foul after that

- All dead ball situations in the last minute of play are inbounded from the sidelines as opposed to the top of the key