August 17, 2011


Team 3 Wins the PFOL 5 Championship

Indianapolis - A new champion was crowned on Wednesday as Team 3 defeated Team 4 in three games 62-54. This is Richie Smith's third ring and Eric Flatt's first. Scott Higginson who missed today's game earns his 2nd ring. This is Mike Glaser and Jesse Cacy's first ring.

Richie Smith earned Finals MVP by averaging 16 points and 7 assists in the Finals.

PFOL 5 Finals Game 3 pictures

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Kyle Krol left wide open

No caption (too easy)

Eric Flatt drains a jumper

Great turnout for the PFOL Finals

Kyle's game plan: Let Richie shoot

Elmore asked Burger to lookup: "burning fire in the lungs" on WebMD.

PFOL is looking into ways to charge these people who watch for free

Kyle Krol trying to get his jumper going

Not sure what is going on here

Team 4 Post Finals Press Release

Team 4 Official Press Release – 8/17 PFOL 5 Finals - by Kyle Krol

Team 4’s Front Office wanted to make this Public, before the “Press” posted a conflicting story on the League Website.

  • Team 4 would like to congratulate Team 3 on the comeback victory over Team 4 this past week. Great defense and a solid offensive contribution from every man made this win possible. It was a historic win for Team 3 as Eric Flatt earns a well deserved first ring, and Richie Smith grabs his 3rd.
  • From day 1, Team 4 was labeled as “kinda good.” As league commissioner - Alan Mowrey stated after Draft Night, “You guys MIGHT make the Playoffs.” Team 4 from that point on had a point to prove. Team 4 secured the best PFOL regular season record (7-1) and made quick work with a clean sweep of Team 2 in the first round of the play-offs.
  • Team 4’s front office would like to congratulate General Manager Kyle Krol on a Finals run in his rookie year as acting Manager. He’s set a high standard of excellence this season, that he must be held to in following years.
  • A combination of preparation, hustle, agility, & aggressive D got Tamba Samba, Peter Dinwiddie, Sam Elmore, and Dan Bartlemey to the finals. We wish them the best in the off-season and look forward to joining forces next season.
  • We also would like to thank players who have accepted roles of starting Front Office Franchises in other parts of the United States - Mad props to Mike Weisberg, Chad Lilly, & Spencer Anderson.

Team 4 looks forward to rebuilding this offseason and continuing talks with PFOL-PA President Edmond Elzy, on any changes that might be made in the re-balancing of power of League Commissioner Mr.Mowrey.

With that being said, we look forward to a rigorous off season, and are Shot-calling a repeat Finals trip in the much anticipated PFOL-6

August 16, 2011

PFOL 5 Finals - Game 2

Team 3 - 54
Team 4 - 41

Indianapolis - Richie Smith didn't play in game 1 and his team got outscored 24-2 to start the game. Richie Smith did play in game 2 and his team outscored Team 4, 17-4 to start the game. Can one man make that big a difference? Apparently so. Smith led his team to a 54-41 win over Team 4 in Game 2 of the PFOL 5 Finals and tied the best of 3 series at one game a piece.

"I'm not going give him all the credit, I'm just gonna say that my shots weren't falling today and I only got to use my patent behind the back dribble drive once", said Kyle Krol. "It will be a different story tomorrow. I am guaranteeing a victory tomorrow".

Tamba Samba was unavailable for comment because he was busy belittling teammate Dan Bartlemay for trying to sub him out of the game.

"Someone gonna get leveled tomorrow. Not sure who it is but someone is gonna find out what it feels like to run into an Elm Tree", said Sam Elmore.

Game 3 is set for 12:00pm EST time Wednesday. PFOL officials are expected a sold out, standing room only crowd.

PFOL 5 Finals Game 2 Pictures

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Flatt and Glaser are on the same team. Just going after the stats

Richie Smith making it rain

Spencer Anderson drills the mid range jumper

Dan Bartlemay shocked to find out he got blamed for someone scoring even though he wasn't even in the game at the time.

Flatt braces for a shot from the Elm Tree

August 15, 2011

PFOL 5 Finals Game 1 Recap

Team 4 – 42
Team 3 – 28

Indianapolis – Last week, PFOL commissioner Alan Mowrey agreed to move the start of Game 1 of the PFOL 5 Finals back 30 minutes so that Team 3 could hopefully have Richie Smith arrive in time for the game. Smith was due to land at Indianapolis International Airport at 11:30am. He planning on rushing over to Conseco Feildhouse in time for the start of Game 3.

Richie Smith never showed up and neither did his teammates. Team 4 jumped all over Team 3 from the start of the game behind a quick 8 points by Kyle Krol. Team 4 grew their lead to 24-2 before Team 3 finally called a timeout. “We just couldn't find our jump shot” said Michael Glaser who shot 1-12 in the game.

Team 4 finished off Team 3 in the 2nd half and took a 1-0 lead in the best of 3 series. Game 2 is scheduled for 12:00 Tuesday.

Game Notes:

• Today’s attendance of 10 was the highest crowd this season for a PFOL game but still way below the expected crowd of 25+
• The crowd was a heavy “Pro-Team 3” crowd. “We just hate Team 4, that’s all”, said one fan.
• Team 3’s shooting performance in the first half (4 for 31) tied an all time low for shooting in a half (Jake Vernon shot 4-31 in one half in PFOL 2)
• Team 4 had a season low 41 fouls in Game 1.

PFOL 5 - Finals Game 1 Pictures

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Kyle Krol completing ignoring a wide open Elmore

Krol scored his team's first 10 points

Jesse Cacy smashes a Kyle Krol shot attempt into the stands

Up 24-2 in the first half, Tamba Samba decided it was time to eat some Pizza

A disappointing crowd for Game 1

Edmound Elzy is already thinking about PFOL 6

August 12, 2011

McAlister's Deli Game Summary - PFOL 5 - R1G3

Team 3 – 57
Team 1 – 53

Indianapolis – Team 3 advanced to the PFOL Finals on Wednesday by beating Team 1, 57-53. This will be Richie Smith’s 4th trip to the Finals and Eric Flatt’s 1st. Richie Smith is looking for a league high 3rd Championship ring.

Game 3 was an instant classic as both team played extremely hard. There were plenty of hard fouls and tempers were high. Team 3 took a 30-24 lead into halftime but quickly lost that lead as Team 1 rattled off a 13-6 run to start the 2nd half. Chris Lemay who scored 17 points helped Team 3 regain some composure as he knocked down back to back 3’s to put his team back up 43-38. Team 1 wouldn’t go away though as they ran off another quick 6 points to take a 46-45 lead with 5 minutes left.

The game was back and forth from that point on. Down by 3 points with less than 30 seconds left Troy Brokl took a quick 3 that rimmed out and later took another forced 3 down by 4 that ended the game.

“I need to have the ball in my hands at that point of the game”, said Edmound Elzy

Brokl was 0-9 from behind the Arc and 2 for 12 overall. “I was just a bad shooting day for me”, said Brokl.

Richie Smith lead Team 3 with 19 points and Chris Lemay chipped in a strong 17 points.

The Finals are set to start Monday.

Playoffs - R1G3 Pictures

Jesse Cacy taking the ball to the rack

Chris Lemay blocking Edmound Elzy

Glaser fouling Brokl at the end of the 1st half

Richie Smith going for the rare two hand block

Another season, another ringless summer

Reitan praying he gets traded this summer

Brokl and Co off to the lake

August 10, 2011


The PFOL Finals are set. Team 3 will face Team 4 starting Monday.

Full Story coming soon.

August 9, 2011

Playoff R1G2

Team 4 - 53
Team 2 - 47 (2 0T)

Indianapolis - Team 4 advanced to the PFOL Finals by sweeping Team 2 on Tuesday. The win did not come easy as Team 2 overcame a horrendous first 28 minutes of play to come from 13 points down with 4 minutes left in the game to actually take a 1 point lead with 40 seconds left on an Andrew Boehner 3 pointer.

After calling a horrible foul, Kyle Krol made 1 of 2 free throws with 7.7 seconds left to send the game to overtime.

In overtime Sam Elmore hit a layup with 5 seconds left to put Team 4 up by 1. Knowing Team 2 didn't have anymore timeouts left, they thought the game was over, but Kyle Krol fouled a 45 foot 3 point attempt by Alex Montagano as timed expired.

Montagano was only able to connect on 1 free throw to send the game to a 2nd overtime.

In the final overtime Team 2 ran out of steam and failed to score in the 2nd OT period. Team 4 won 53-47.

"The only thing I am going to say is next season there will be referees in the playoffs", said Alan Mowrey.

Team 3 - 64
Team 1 - 63

Indianapolis - Eric Flatt grabbed a missed free throw by Richie Smith with 3 seconds left to win the game and tie the series with Team 1 at 1 game a piece.

Edmound Elzy scored 34 points, including going 8-10 from 3 point range but his team had some untimely defensive lapses that prevented Team 1 from closing out the game.

"I'm worried. There is not much more I can do", said Edmound Elzy.

"I have an idea on what he can do. He can make his free throws", said Troy Brokl.

Edmound Elzy missed the front end of a 1 and 1 down by 1 point with less than 20 seconds left.

Game 3 is Wednesday at 11:45am

Playoff pictures R1G2

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Team 4 took no prisoners on Tuesday. Their game plan, foul and foul often.

Laycock suffers a knee injury at the expense of Team 4 fouling

"Who's gonna foul you? I am"

The three amigos putting in work

Another mugging

Krol going for the pin

Krol even fouled people in the 2nd game

August 8, 2011

McAlister's Deli Playoff Recap R1G1

Team 4 - 50
Team 2 - 37

Indianapolis - The PFOL playoffs started on Monday, but someone forgot to tell Team 2. Within 3 minutes of the tip off, Team 2 found themselves down 16-2.

"We got off to a horrible start, everything that could go wrong went wrong for us", said Alan Mowrey.

Team 2 was able to regain some composure and trim the lead to just 5 points at half.

However, Chad Lilly and Kyle Krol refused to let their team lose as they hit shot after shot to stifle any run that Team 2 would start to put together. Team 4 also used a physical, border line dirty style of play that caused 9 timely turnovers.

"If they want to play physical, I can play physical. I haven't started throwing my weight around yet this season, but if that's how they want to play, then let's go", said Alan Mowrey who was spotted at Steak N Shake "bulking" up for tomorrow's rematch.

Kyle Krol led all scorers with 20 points.

Game 2 is Tuesday at 11:45am. Tickets are still available.

Team 1 - 56
Team 3 - 52

Indianapolis - Team 3 learned early Monday morning that they would possibly have to forfeit the game because Eric Flatt (knee injury) and Richie Smith (work) would both miss the game. Team 3 managed to piece together a team and not forfeit.

Team 1 got much more than they expected from Team 3's scrappy reserves.

The game was tied at half and many people in the crowd started to murmur about Edmound Elzy's career post season record. Elzy has only won 1 playoff game in his career and signs were pointing towards another post season let down as Elzy allowed the short-handed Team 3 to stay in the game.

"If Lemay and I don't go a combined 0-16 from 3 point land, we win that game", said Jesse Cacy.

"I feel really good about our chances tomorrow", said Eric Flatt. Flatt and Smith are expected to play tomorrow. "That team has some chemistry issues", said Flatt.

Flatt was referring to the embarrassing on-court argument between Troy Brokl and Edmound Elzy. Brokl subbed into the game for Elzy in the first half but Elzy refused to leave the game. Elzy was overheard yelling at Brokl: "Edmound Elzy has never been subbed out of a game in PFOL history and it's not gonna start today. Go sub someone else out".

Team 1 held on for the win and avoided an embarrassing loss but after the game Brokl and Elzy weren't done with their feud.

"You measure yourself by my stats, said Elzy"

"As GM I am going to ask the commish if I can suspend you", said Brokl

"I am the PFOL, I heard the commish is going to use my silhouette as the PFOL logo next year just like Jerry West", said Elzy

Game 2 is Tuesday.

PFOL 5 - Playoff Pictures R1G1

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Marty Lande about to throw a no look pass to Mowrey out of bounds

This is what Team 4 calls good defense

Boehner was heard yelling, "Get me the ball! He can't guard me!!!" after this shot.

Mowrey goes deep (TWSS)

Dinwiddie gets to the rim

Kyle Krol called a foul on this play

Anderson gets an emphatic block on Montagano

Glaser goes up for the dunk

Jesse Cacy and Chris Lemay were a combined 0-16 from 3pt land

PFOL Regualr Season Awards annouced

The PFOL league office released it's season 5 awards. Michael Wiesberg took home MVP and Rookie of the Year honors.

League commissioner, Alan Mowrey commented on the closeness of the MVP voting:

It really came down to Edmound Elzy and Michael Weisberg. Going into the last week of the regular season I really didn't know who should get it. Weisberg actually secured the MVP by not even playing. Weisberg didn't play in Week 10 and it was clear who the most valuable player was. Team 4 is nothing without Mike and it was very apparent who the MVP was.

Edmound Elzy was unavailable for comment.

MVP - Michael Weisberg
Defensive Player of the Year - Steve Reitan
Rookie of the Year - Micheal Weisberg
Most Improved - Michael Glaser

All First Team
G - Jason Rost
G - Michael Weisberg
C - Eric Flatt
F - Edmound Elzy
F - Alan Mowrey

All Second Team
G - Richie Smith
G - Chad Lilly
C - Vance Catlin
F - Kyle Krol
F - Tamba Samba

All Defensive Team
Steve Reitan
Jason McGuinness
Rob Laycock
Jesse Cacy
Kyle Krol

August 7, 2011

Team 2 - 61

Team 5 - 55

Indianapolis - Team 2 secured the final playoff spot on Friday by beating Team 5 61-55. Vance Catlin scored 26 points and grabbed 15 rebounds to lead Team 2.

Team 2 will face the #1 seeded Team 4 on Monday.

Jason Rost was relieved that this season came to an end. "I almost walked out today. I think we went 7 straight possession without me touching the ball" said Rost.

Team 4 - 57
Team 3 - 53

Indianapolis - the game between Team 4 and Team 3 meant nothing in terms of playoff seeding. but Team 4 took this game as a statement game. They wanted to send a message that despite losing their best player in Micheal Wesiberg they are still the team to beat going into the playoffs.

Team 4 came from behind to beat Team 3 57-54 and secured the best regular season record in PFOL history at 7 -1.

They face a Vance Catlin-less team 2 starting Monday.

Notes from week 10

  • Alan Mowrey won the PFOL scoring title (21.3 points per game)

  • Eric Flatt grabbed his 3 consecutive rebounding title at 16.0 per game.

  • Edmound Elzy lead the league in assists at 6.6 per game.

  • Voting for All PFOL first team is under way and will be announced on Wednesday

  • The MVP, DPOY and ROY awards will be announced on Tuesday

PFOL 5 - Week 10 Photos

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Brian Brown drains a jumper over Boehner

Rob Layock directing traffic

Vance Catlin dominated the game

Andrew Boehner nails a jumper in transition

Jason Rost getting to the rim

Mowrey knocks down a jumper as the shot clock expires

Glaser rejects Samba's shot attempt

Richie Smith gets an easy two

Chad Lilly locking up Glaser