November 21, 2011

Indianapolis - The teams for the 7TH season of the Pacers Front Office League were released on Monday. Edmound Elzy leads Team 1 as he looks to defend his PFOL title. Joining him are PFOL veterans, Greg Smith, Brian Brown, Chris Melby and Nathan Burger. Also, Andrew Boehner teams up with Elzy once again this season and looks to build off of his Finals MVP performance. “I’m going to go ahead and put myself permanently on injured reserve since it looks like I will be carry this team on my back all season long”, said Edmound Elzy.

Team 2 features PFOL legend Richie Smith. He joins Alan Mowrey, Tamba Samba, Steve Reitan, Rob Laycock and Joe English. Tamba was over-heard in Mowrey’s office congratulating him on his PFOL Championship.

Team 3 will showcase a deadly combo of Vance Catlin and Charlie Henry. Most Improved award winner, Eric Cole will add to the scoring punch of Team 3. Rounding out Team 3 will be Ryan Gibson, who is coming off a season ending ankle injury last season, Dean Heaviland, Intern Tobin and Alex Krows.

Team 4, who some are calling the preseason favorites to win the championship feature, “The Big 3 of Krol Krol, Jason Rost and Michael Glaser. Veterans Peter Dinwiddie, Thorpe Miller, Brian Stutzman and Doug Morgan will try to find whatever shots they can behind the Big 3.

The PFOL Season is schedule to tip off on Monday, November 28th.

Team 1
Boehner, Andrew
Brown, Brian
Burger, Nathan
Elzy, Edmound
Melby, Chris
Intern Chandler/Dusty
Smith, Greg

Team 2
English, Joe
Laycock, Rob
Mowrey, Alan
Reitan, Steve
Samba, Tamba
Smith, Richie
Intern Evan

Team 3
Catlin, Vance
Charlie Henry
Cole, Eric
Gibson, Ryan
Heaviland, Dean
Intern Tobin
Krows, Alex

Team 4
Dinwiddie, Peter
Glaser, Michael
Krol, Kyle
Miller, Thorpe
Morgan, Doug
Rost, Jason
Stutzman, Brian

October 6, 2011

PFOL 6 Finals Game 2

Team 1 – 54

Team 4 – 49

Indianapolis – Immediately after the final buzzer of the PFOL Finals Game 2 sounded Edmound Elzy’s teammates mobbed him and congratulated him. Elzy had finally won a ring. Up until that moment only him and Kyle Krol were the only PFOL players to play all 6 seasons without winning a championship.

Elzy’s Team 1, swept Team 4 in two games to capture the title. Edmound Elzy was named MVP of the Finals. Seconds after the final buzzer sounded, Elzy ran out of the arena and into the locker room area. “I needed to be alone and have my Dirk moment”, said Elzy. He then showered and left without so much as a team picture.

A day later, Elzy commented on his accomplishment.

“This is the best team I have been on in my career. There was seasons where my 2nd best player was Alex Montagano. I’ll let you figure out how those season ended up. I am glad that I won my ring and now I can go back to do doing what I do best, scoring and not passing”, said Elzy.

A disgusted Andrew Boehner was visibly upset after the game. “MVP? I should have won MVP. I was the glue that kept that team together”, said Boehner.

MISC Notes

  • This PFOL Finals was the lowest attended Finals in PFOL history. “That’s because the best team wasn’t playing in the Finals”, said Alan Mowrey
  • Tamba Samba vowed to get basketball shoes for PFOL 7. He played in ragged running shoes the entire season.
  • Kyle Krol has guaranteed that he will win a ring next season.
  • Rob Laycock has signed an endorsement deal with Stromgren Athletic Compression Apparel

October 5, 2011

PFOL Finals Pictures - Game 2

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A new Champion is crowned

Andrew Boehner tells everyone how many points that last basket was worth

Melby misjudged his closeout on Boehner

A PFOL Champion played in these shoes for the entire PFOL 6 season. Can you name him?

Eric Flatt guides to the basket

A disgusted Tamba Samba looks on as Chuck puts up an awkward shot

Michael Glaser: "Defensive Player of the Year my a**"

Flatt refuses to pass to a wide open Chris Melby

Andrew Boehner attempts the 2 biggest free-throws of his life

Tamba Samba and others congratulate Edmound Elzy on his first PFOL Ring

October 4, 2011

PFOL 6 Finals Game 1 Pictures

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Andrew Boehner to be fined (and possibly suspended) for throwing up gang signs during Game 1

Glaser glides to the rim

Flatt and Montagano fight for a rebound

Jason Rost gets to the rim with ease

October 3, 2011

PFOL 6 Playoffs - R1G3 Recap

Team 1 – 56

Team 2 - 51

Indianapolis – Karma was not on Team 2’s side on Monday. Team 2 learned on Thursday that Edmound Elzy, Jason Rost, Brian Stutzman and Tamba Samba would miss the series deciding Game 3 schedule for Friday. Team 2 decided to move the game to Monday, so that both teams would be at full strength.

“At the end of the day, I didn’t want there to be an asterisk next to our name on the trophy. We could have easily played the game as scheduled and we most likely would have won by at least 70 points, but that’s no fun”, said Alan Mowrey.

Edmound Elzy’s Team 1 held on to a 58-53 win and earned a trip to the PFOL Finals. Elzy was named defensive player of the week after he held Kevin Murray to a season low 14 points on 6-19 shooting.

Elzy’s team will face Eric Flatt’s Team 4, whom they have lost to twice this season.

“I’ll tell you this, Edmound’s team just beat the best team in the league. If he doesn’t win a championship now, he will never live to hear the end of it. All eyes are on him and him only”, said Scott Higginson who missed today’s game because he wanted to go to lunch instead.

After the game, when asked to comment on the enormous pressure facing him and his legacy, Edmound Elzy had only 2 words: “NO COMMENT”.

Andrew Boehner had a comment however: “Get me the ball, I need more shots”.

Team 2 played their second straight game without All-Star forward Vance Catlin.

“If we would have played them at full strength, I think it would have been a different outcome. I guess we will have to put an asterisk next to this series, said Alan Mowrey.

Rob Laycock’s only concern was the $70.00 he spent over the weekend on this pair of padded shorts. “I was planning on getting at least 3 games in with my new padded shorts”, said Laycock.

Team 4 - 51

Team 3 - 35

Indianapolis - Team 4 won the 2nd game and will face Team 1 in the PFOL Finals. For more info on the game go ask one of the players that played in the game.

PFOL 6 - R1G3 Pictures

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Greg Smith rejects an Elzy shot attempt

Mowrey applies ball pressure

The PFOL was the first league to implement the 3 man jumpball

Murray pulls up for 3

Sam Elmore effectively goes over the back of Dinwiddie and tips the ball to Elzy all while not getting a foul called on him

Mowrey knocks home a 3 with 11 seconds left to cut the lead to 3

Laycock trying to figure out who to sub in for

Mowrey wonders if by rescheduling Game 3 he just didn't end up giving Elzy his first ring

@MontyMontagano knocks down a 3 to start the 2nd half

Dean Heaviland running the point

Brian Brown knocks down a PFOL record 355th 17-footer of his career

Eric Flatt trying to figure out what angle to shoot the ball so that he can grab his own rebound

Could this be the last shot of Kyle Krol's PFOL career - retirement rumors run rampant

September 30, 2011

PFOL 6 Playoffs - R1G2 Pictures

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Rob Laycock playing fundamental defense

Dinwiddie clearing a rebounding - (Hyde gave the rebound to Montagano)

Peter Dinwiddie hit 2 late daggers from the corner to put the game away

Kevin Murray throws down a dunk over Stutzman off the nice pass from Mowrey

Kevin Murray leaps over a driving Rost

Not sure what's going on here but Montagano was credited with a rebound

Lauren Hyde credited Montagano with a block and steal on this play even though Smith made the basket.

Another block shot by Montagano

September 26, 2011

PFOL6 Playoffs Pictures R1G1

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Glaser smashes a Kyle Krol layup

Krol blows past Glaser the next play

Chuck chucking from deep

Kevin Murray with a ridiculous block on Tamba

Edmound Elzy drops in 2 of his 32 points

Rost goes up for a layup

September 25, 2011

PFOL 6 Week 6 pictures

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Troy Brokl just throwing up shots

Glaser's secret revealed: he's double jointed

Joe English doesn't let Rost get a clean look.

Steve Reitan with a nice fadeaway

Dean Heaviland drains a 3

Jason McGuinness started the game with four 3's in a row

Kevin Murray elevates over McGuinness

Greg Smith takes it at Krows

Dean looks to pass around the swarming defense of Laycock