August 31, 2010

Rumors of a Brute Force protest

Indianapolis - A video from a undisclosed source has surfaced on the Internet. The video is part of a longer clip put together by the Brute Force video department showing the phantom foul calls by Deemer's Dream Team player Jake Vernon. The clip show a horrible call in which Vernon shoots the ball and after the ball clangs off the rim calls a foul. The video clearly shows that the defender never touched him while he was shooting.

League commissioner Alan Mowrey said, "I have not received any formal notice of protest from Brute Force, until I do this is mute subject".

August 22, 2010

Deemer's Dream Team advances to the PFOL Finals

Indianapolis - Tuesday's night semifinal game between Abusement Park and Deemer's Dream Team came down to wire. But in the end, Abusement Park failed to come up with the big shots down the stretch while Deemer's Dream hit shots when it counted. Deemer's Dream Team advances to the PFOL finals by hanging on to a 43-42 win.

Down by 1 point with less than a minute left, Jake Vernon found himself with the ball. Without even thinking about his current 0-14 shooting slump in the game, Vernon launched a three point shot over Dave Neff. Much like many of Vernon's previous shots, the ball didn't hit the rim. The only difference with this shot was it went through the rim and hit nothing but net. That shot ended up being the game winning shot.

Abusement Park had a couple of chances to either tie the game or take the lead late in the game. Marcus Hall missed a game tying free throw with 50 seconds left, Alex Montanago air balled a wide open 3-pointer with 18 seconds left, and Dave Neff misses a running layup at the buzzer.

Deemer's Dream will have it's hands full when they face the high powered offense of Brute Force who led the league in team scoring and put up 81 points last week. "43 points? Please, we had 43 at halftime in our last game. They better figure out a way to score more points or else it's gonna get ugly quick", said Jason McGuinness.

August 21, 2010

Pictures of Deemer's Dream vs Abusement Park

Vernon got into Montagano's head by elbowing his Adam's Apple on a layup attempt.

Richie Smith lead us team to a victory

Stacy Paetz held Jake Vernon to 1-14 shooting.

Kyle Krol playing his patent defense

Richie Smith was held without a 3 pointer but still lead his team in scoring

Alex knocking down a wide open 3.

Marcus Hall rejecting shot at the rim.

Vance Catlin had his hands full keeping Hall out of the lane

Hall spinning baseline.

August 9, 2010

McAlister's Deli Game Summary

Brute Force and Front Office Legends were missing 2 of their top players. Simpson for Brute Force and Sullivan for the Front Office Legends. Despite missing 2 of the top scorers, the team put up huge offensive numbers in the first semi final game of the PFOL 2 playoffs.

Brute Force used a combination of speed, "brute force" and timely defense to run the Front Office Legends off the court in a 81-69 blowout. The final score does not indicate how lopsided this match up was.

Alan Mowrey got Brute Force off to a fast start by hitting two 3 pointers. Mowrey finished with a career high 36 points and 7 rebounds. Player of the week Sam Elmore had a break out game with 10 points and 20 rebounds.

Front Office Legends commitment to a Phoenix Suns style offense played right into the hands of Brute Force. "We prefer to run and gun but we can play any style you want, we can run with you or if you want to bang we'll bang with you" said Sam Elmore.

Troy Brokl lead Front Office Legends with 25 points and 13 rebounds.

Brute Force plays the winner of next weeks Abusement Park-Deemer's Dream Team match up.

Playoff Game 1 - Brute Force vs Front Office Legends

Everyone had to wait for Troy to get done with his pregame dance

Boehner fought a life threatening illness and played huge minutes for BF.

Elrod broke a PFOL record with four 3 pointers. Most ever made by a female player.

Troy Brokl was on fire from outside hitting five 3's

Alan Mowrey dropped 36 on Troy

Jason McGuinness got to the rim whenever he wanted

Jake Vernon doing some scouting in case his team makes it to the Finals