February 10, 2013

PFOL vs CFO Exhibition Game

Cleveland, Ohio - a group of so called, "PFOL All-Stars" traveled to Cleveland Saturday to play an exhibition game against the Cavs Front Office (CFO).

PFOL jumped out to a 9 point lead early behind the hot shooting of Kyle Ward who score 12 of his team's first 18 points.  CFO rallied to tie the game on a buzzer-beating 3 pointer by Nick Adams to end the first quarter.

The first half ended with CFO clinging to a 51-50 lead.

In the 2nd half, CFO built a 15 point lead with smothering defense that stifled the hot shooting PFOL team.  PFOL managed to put together a 12-0 run in the final 3 minutes of the game to make things interesting. 

With 2.0 seconds up by 1 point, James Hall tried to miss the front end of a 1 and 1 on purpose in order to run the clock out.  His "shot" missed the rim and barely hit the backboard resulting in a violation and giving PFOL one last chance to win the game. 

Chris Taylor's shot at the buzzer from the top of the key rimmed out and CFO escaped with a narrow 82-81 lead.

All 6 CFO players scored in double figures and was lead by Alan Mowrey's 18 points and 10 rebounds including a deep 3 in Andrew Boehner's eye to push a 4th quarter lead to 15 with 6 minutes left.

James Hall and Nick Adams each scored 16 points.  Brendan McHugh grabbed a game high 20 rebounds and Scott Gordon dished out 10 assists for CFO

PFOL was led by Kyle Ward's 34 points.  Ward continues to build his case as being the best player in PFOL. Edmound Elzy arguably the league's best player did not make the trip due to personal reasons and Rob Layock also did not make the trip due to him misplacing his knee pads.

Eric Cole added 13 points and Nathan Burger chipped in with 10 points.

Game Quotes:

Alan Mowrey's thoughts on the PFOL team: "If it wasn't for Kyle Ward we would have beat them by 30 points."

Andrew Boenher on not getting enough shots: "I made 55 out of 100 3-pointers the other day in practice.  I needed to get more shots."

Nathan Burger on the loss: "We were tired, we traveled 5 hours and had to get up at 7am. We got very little sleep and weren't used to the college 3 point line"

Scott Gordon on his bank 3 in the first half: "I practice that shot all the time."

Eric Cole on the loss: 'That is a great CFO team we lost to.  I don't think any combination of PFOL players, including Elzy and Adam Branch could beat them".

Steve Reitan on a possible rematch in Indy: "Bring it"

PFOL vs CFOL exhibition game pictures

PFOL's Chris Taylor gets a layup over Scott Gordon


 Eric Cole cherry picking for another PFOL layup


Scott "Nash" Gordon hits a wide open Mowrey for a wide open 3

James Hall drives into a crowd for one of his circus shot

Nick Adams gets leveled by Cole and they called out of bounds on Adams.

Final - CFOL 82 PFOL 81