April 9, 2010

The Asterisk game

Indianapolis - All season long Vance Catlin had to find opportunities to get his shots in. With perennial shooters the likes of Jake Vernon and Jhared Simpson on the floor, Catlin had to be patient and wait for the ball to somehow get out of the hands of the “shooters”. Wednesday afternoon, Vance’s willingness to embrace the roll of “third option” ultimately paid off for him and his dysfunctional team. Vance put back a missed Simpson shot as time expired in overtime to give his team the first ever PFOL Championship beating Team 1 45-44.

Team 1 got off to a hot start as they outscored Team 3, 22-6 to start the game. But, with a combination of timely bank shot 3 pointers from Vernon, 2nd chance points and lack of instant reply Team 3 overcame a 6 point deficit with 1:31 to go in the second half.

“We have to give them credit; they made big plays when they counted. Neff’s steal and rebound off a missed free throw during the last 30 seconds should not be overlooked. Those plays were HUGE”, said Alan Mowrey.

“I am so glad it’s over, where do I sign to become a free agent”, said Dave Neff moments after the game ended.

Team 3 dominated the entire season despite being called the “Denver Nuggets” of the PFOL. Look for Team 3 to have a very different look next season.

The parade will take place on Monday morning at 8:30am. It will start at Jake’s office and end in the employee break room where they will all share hot chocolate.

Game 2 in pictures

Surprisingly Jake didn't call a foul on this play

Team 1 didn't give the respect that Vance deserved and he made them pay

A unruly fan attempts to get a picture of Troy's throwback Al Harrington Jersey.

Jhared had one thing on his mind all season - shoot.

see caption above

Vernon was humming the Superman theme song all game long to get himself pumped up.

Vance struggled to get his fair share of touches in this game. However, he got the only shot that mattered in the end.

Jake Vernon was missing from this picture because as the final horn sounded he ran to his phone to send a Tweet about his 16 point 11 rebound performance.

April 7, 2010

TEAM 3 wins Championship

Team 3 wins the PFOL Championship on a last second put back by Vance Catlin.

The complete recap, pictures, video and stats will be updated on the website later tonight.