February 23, 2011

PFOL 4 Week 1 Recap

Team 1 - 56
Team 2 - 50

Despite a monster game from Edmound Elzy team 2 couldn't pull out a victory over team 1 on Wednesday afternoon. Elzy scored 38 points and grabbed 9 rebounds but his team failed to come up with the win. Team 1 who played without star John Griffin in the first half used a late game run to seal the victory. Jason Rost scored 18 points and grabbed 6 rebounds for Team 1.

When asked why he didn't play in the first half, Team 1's John Griffin said, "I am going to be the "Closer" for our team this year. Just like in baseball, they bring in the closer in the 9th inning to lock up the game. That is the role I am going to play this year. I might only play about 5 minutes a game".

Team 4 - 50
Team 3 - 46

Team 3 only got 5 points from their star guard Grant Gibson, but still hung around late into the game with the help of 5 straight missed free throws by Team 4 in the final 50 seconds.

Richie Smith scored 15 points including several deep 3 point shots. Vance Catlin chipped in with 12 points and 10 rebounds.

Troy Brokl couldn't help but voice his frustrations in the locker after the game. "If they are going to get every call all year then this season is going to be a joke". The league is determining whether or not Brokl will be fined for his comments towards the officiating.

PFOL4 - Week 1 Photos

Sam Elmore and Rob Laycock tag team Eric Flatt on a layup attempt.

Alex "the Chucker" Montagano launchs a three

Rost had a strong week 1 showing

Laycock taking the ball at Andrew Boehner

Sam Elmore doesn't allow easy shots in the paint.

Edmound Elzy cherry picks for an easy dunk

Richie Smith pulling up from deep

Jake Vernon knocks down a three from the top of the key

Brokl had two three pointers on Wed

Glaser takes a jumpshot over Vernon

February 21, 2011

Press Release

February 21, 2011

Teams for PFOL 4 announced

INDIANAPOLIS – The PFOL League Office announced the rosters for the 4 teams that will compete in PFOL 4. Some of the highlights include Edmound Elzy and Eric Flatt parting ways after 3 unsuccessful seasons. Elzy will team up with Graham Neuburger and Dave Neff. “I will show my championship ring to Elzy and teach him how to win in this league, my championship experience is going to take Edmound to the next level”, said Dave Neff.

PFOL 3 MVP, John Griffin will team up with Eric Flatt and Jason Rost as he attempts to repeat as PFOL Champion. “I just looked at my roster and I don’t have the first clue who any of these people are. It doesn’t matter though, as long as they can pass we’ll be okay” said Griffin.

Grant Gibson will team up with Kyle Krol and Troy Brokl. “I’m calling it right now, we go undefeated this season”, said Gibson.

Richie Smith and Vance Catlin will team up with Jake Vernon, Alan Mowrey and Jason McGuinness. “We for sure are the oldest team in the league but I guarantee we will get all the calls”, said Alan Mowrey.

PFOL 4 season tips off this Wednesday.

One other major item of note: This season only the top 3 teams will make the playoffs. The #1 seed will get a first round bye and will play the winner of the #2 seed and #3 seed one game playoff match. The finals will be a best of 3 format.

Team 1
John Griffin
Eric Flatt
Jason Rost
Dustin Pugh
Andrew Boehner
Jesse Cacy
Jack Schmitz
Peter Dinwiddie

Team 2
Edmound Elzy
Graham Nueburger
Dave Neff
Alex Montagano
Brian Brown
Rob Laycock
Sam Elmore

Team 3
Grant Gibson
Kyle Krol
Troy Brokl
Michael Glaser
Brian Stutzman
Greg Smith
Scott Higginson

Team 4
Richie Smith
Vance Catlin
Alan Mowrey
Jake Vernon
Jason McGuiness
Steve Reitan
Nathan Burger
Doug Morgan

PFOL 4 Schedule
1 vs 2
3 vs 4

1 vs 3
2 vs 4

2 v 3
1 v 4

1 vs 2
3 vs 4

1 vs 3
2 vs 4

2 v 3
1 v 4

Playoffs :#2 seed vs 3 seed

28-Mar Finals Game 1

30-Mar Finals Game 2

1-Apr Finals Game 3 (if necessary)

Tie Breakers
Head to Head Matchups
Head to Head Matchups point differential
Total Points Allowed
Coin Flip


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